Best Family Weekend Getaways in Ohio

Best Family Weekend Getaways in Ohio for 2024

Have you ever thought about taking a trip to Ohio? The Buckeye state is an excellent place to stay for a short week or long weekend! Of course, you’ll need to know about the best family weekend getaways in Ohio in 2024 before planning your trip.

Whether you’re most concerned with your budget, the amenities of the resort itself, or the local attractions, we can help guide you in your decision.

Now, let’s get started! Listed below, we’ve detailed 12 terrific family resorts.

Top Family Resorts in Ohio

1. Great Wolf Lodge, Sandusky

top family resorts in Ohio
Source: Great Wolf Lodge

Located along I-90 between Toledo and Cleveland, Sandusky, Ohio, is certainly a well-loved family vacation destination. It also serves as an excellent pit stop for those families passing through on a cross-country trip.

Traveling by car? Be sure to check out these 10 Ideas for the Ultimate Road Trip With Kids.

Area: Scenic lakeside town located right on Lake Erie.

Standout Feature: The Great Wolf Lodges’ standout feature is the incredible indoor water park. The resort also provides numerous accommodation options to tailor your stay to your and your children’s needs.

Summary of Reviews:


The resort is rated above-average overall, with the most common reviews being the affordability and the kids’ enjoyment.

There were a few negative reviews, mainly concerning the resort’s noise level. However, this should not come as a surprise to prospective guests. After all, the lodge caters to kids!

Nearby Attractions: If you are into boating, head to any one of the many Lake Erie islands for a unique family adventure. The great lakes offer calmer waters that are not too hard to traverse via the local ferry boat. Kelleys Island, in particular, boasts a fascinating history and makes for a great day trip!

Other fun activities for kids include a trip to the Marblehead Lighthouse, the Merry Go Round Museum, and Cedar Point Amusement Park, which has over a dozen roller coasters!

Additional Considerations: With many places to stay in the lakeside town of Sandusky, Great Wolf Lodge presents the ultimate family vacation option at an affordable price, making it the top choice of all the following resorts. There are also plenty of attractions to explore in Sandusky and Cedar Point.

2. Hotel Indigo, Cleveland

best family vacation spot in ohio
Source: Hotel Indigo
Traveling East? Drive one hour east of Sandusky, and you’ll find the historic city of Cleveland.

Area: Located in the energetic and family-friendly Gateway District!

Standout Feature: This hotel stands out from the rest through the vast deals, packages, and offers it advertises.

Summary of Reviews:


The reviews were excellent, with many guests marveling over the new renovations and modernized accommodations.

You would be hard-pressed to find much negativity surrounding Hotel Indigo. The only downside for families is that it doesn’t provide much on-site entertainment, but children stay for free!

Nearby Attractions: The Cleveland Museum of Art is a must-see family attraction. The city is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Additional Considerations: Cleveland is a wonderful city with a rich culture. A stay at the Hotel Indigo provides comfortable living, offers, specials, and inclusive fares for kids. Plus, a trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art is a great way to take in the entire cities history and round out your trip!

3. The Stanford House, Cuyahoga National Park

ohio family vacations
Source: Conservancy
If your family enjoys a more rural stay, then head to The Standford House in Cuyahoga National Park, a remote and scenic attraction located just 30 minutes south of Cleveland.

Area: The Stanford House is actually located within the park!

Standout Feature: The rustic charm and history of the Stanford House, which was built in 1843, is located right near the Stanford hiking trails that lead directly up to Brandywine Falls.

Summary of Reviews:


Over 170 years of excellent reviews have kept this hotel in business and guests coming back. A common theme revolved around having large group outings since the Stanford House can accommodate 30 guests and has nine rooms.

It was tough to find anyone with something bad to say about the Stanford House. The only potential downside is that the amenities are not as new as your usual hotel, which makes sense for a national park!

Nearby Attractions: Complete your experience with a hike or jog down one of the many trails or take a trip to the Brandywine Waterfall!

Additional Considerations: The trip to Cuyahoga is one that will take you off the grid but keep you close enough to Cleveland and other urban areas!

4. The Berlin Resort, Amish Country

Berlin Resort is an excellent destination for you and your family
Source: Berlin Resort
Amish Country is located between Cleveland and Columbus and is certainly worth a visit when in the area!

Area: The majority of the Amish population in Ohio live in Holmes County. The Berlin Resort is an excellent destination for you and your family to enjoy the country living with a modern touch. The resort even advertises itself as a base for families to use and enjoy nearby Amish country.

Standout Feature: The resort’s best feature is the deluxe rooms equipped with a whirlpool tub!

Summary of Reviews:


The resort brings in overwhelmingly positive reviews, and guests have chosen it specifically as their vacation accommodation.

There were not many complaints in the reviews. The few that we did find were related to COVID-19 safety measures, although most regulations have now been relaxed nationwide.

Nearby Attractions: The Amish Country Theatre and the Berlin Village Antique Mall are two great places to visit while in the area.

Additional Considerations: Amish Country provides guests with a unique experience at a destination that is different from anything they’ve experienced before!

5. Great Wolf Lodge, Mason

One of the best Family Weekend Getaways in Ohio
Source: Great Wolf Lodge

The epitome of Small City, USA. Cincinnati is one of the most family-friendly destinations in the USA!

Book your next family vacation at our Mason lodge now. Water park passes, unlimited Wi-Fi, and a variety of kids’ activities will be included in your stay.

Area: Cincinnati is located along the Ohio River and Kentucky border in southwest Ohio. Great Wolf Lodge in Mason is just 30 minutes northeast of the city.

Standout Feature: TheGreat Wolf Lodge is more than just a hotel. It is the ultimate family-friendly water sports and water park adventure that turns an ordinary trip into the ultimate family vacation!

Summary of Reviews:


The Lodge in Mason received high praise in online reviews. The majority of the 5-star reviews appreciated the ability to customize their family stay and even bring groups for birthday parties!

The less positive reviews were mainly a conglomeration of folks who had stayed previously and were worried about the impact of COVID-19. Fortunately, the vaccine rollout has helped relax some of these concerns.

Nearby Attractions: Cincinnati is home to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, a family-oriented and highly-rated destination in the northern part of the city! If you want a break from the lodge, there is also the Kings Island Amusement Park nearby.

Additional Considerations: Great Wolf Lodge in Mason is like most other lodges across the country. Keep in mind that this is truly a spot for family vacations, so there will be plenty of kids running around and having fun! If you need a break from that energy, you can always take a day trip to Cincinnati!

6. Cherry Ridge Retreat, Hocking Hills

Luxury Cabin with pools
Source: Cherry Ridge Retreat
Family vacations are even better when in your own private, luxury cabin!

Area: One of the top-rated resorts near Hocking Hills is Cherry Ridge Retreat in New Plymouth. The resort is located just a few miles east of the state park itself.

Standout Feature: The luxury family cabins and luxury family lodge can fit up to 8 people and make for one of the most memorable weekend getaways!

Summary of Reviews:


The Cherry Ridge Retreat received ratings much higher than most resorts or hotels. The reviews appreciated how the accommodation catered to families with kids of all ages.

The few complainants they have received center on customer service, which is standard for any hotel or resort dealing with people who have many different expectations.

Nearby Attractions: Most attractions are about 20 minutes from this resort and can be accessed by car. One piece of advice a reviewer left was to take a trip to the Ohio River Museum.

Additional Considerations: If you are on the search for a secluded resort-type setting with plenty to enjoy nearby, the Cherry Ridge Retreat provides the best of all worlds and makes for an excellent family vacation.

7. The Doghouse Hotel and Brewery, Downtown Columbus

Family getaways at the doghouse Hotel and Brewery
Source: The Doghouse Hotel and Brewery
Let’s not forget, family vacations aren’t all about the kids. Here is a hotel that caters to parents, too!

Area: The Doghouse Hotel and Brewery is located just 20 minutes Southeast of Downtown Columbus in Canal Winchester, Ohio. This provides enough space to enjoy city life without having to surround yourself with it, especially if you are looking to get away for longer than a weekend.

Standout Feature: The in-room tap and shower beer fridge are two fantastic and unique features that allow parents to unwind after a long day of fun with their kids!

Summary of Reviews:


Guests loved the fact that the food and beer were delicious and that there are select rooms for their 4-legged family member!

The chief complaints center around the cost of the hotel room. The folks who felt this way were generally the ones who did not take advantage of the unique amenities in the room.

Nearby Attractions: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is one of the many family-friendly destinations in Columbus. The magic mountain fun center is one of a few amusement parks also located nearby. In the mood for home-grown goods? Check out North Market in downtown Columbus or the German Village, which has unique breweries and pubs.

Additional Considerations: The Doghouse is an excellent option for a family vacation and one that provides a little something for parents, too. If you are not a beer drinker or interested in trying craft beers and having good food on site, then this may not be the hotel for you. If that is your sort of thing, then you’ll want to book a stay!

8. The Bertram Inn at Glenmoor, Canton

The Bertram Inn at Glenmoor
Source: The Bertram Inn at Glenmoor
Just 20 minutes south of Akron is the small city of Canton, best known as the home to the National Football Hall of Fame.

Area: The Bertram Inn is a vintage gothic-style hotel located right in Canton.

Standout Feature: There are many different suites to complete your stay. The Bertram recommends the “Power House,” which is a spacious 2-level condo-style suite for family vacations.

Summary of Reviews:


The Bertram Inn received above-average reviews overall, with the beauty of the property and hotel amenities being the top thing people enjoyed.

The biggest gripes that guests had revolved around the lack of renovations the hotel has undergone. For the value of your stay, however, it is a hard deal to beat!

Nearby Attractions: The National Football Hall of Fame is located right in Canton and is a must-go! There is also a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course on-site! The Canton Classic Car Museum is also located in town for all those who love Americana.

Additional Considerations: For an old and beautiful hotel, it is hard to beat the value you get when staying at the Bertram Inn. Most of the other options in the area are your typical hotel chains with comparable prices but without the amenities.

9. Beachfront Resort, Maumee Bay

Beachfront Resort is an ideal place to enjoy the entire surrounding area
Source: Maumee Bay
Maumee Bay is located on the outskirts of Toledo and is an excellent getaway for a family trying to leave the city and enjoy the shores.

The Beachfront Resort is an ideal place to enjoy the entire surrounding area and is located just down the road in Port Clinton.

Area: A vacation in Port Clinton is the best way to enjoy Maumee Bay and all the surrounding attractions without feeling too close to the city of Toledo.

Standout Feature: Dock’s Beach House is located right next door and advertised by the Beachfront Resort as an excellent place to enjoy freshly caught perch and walleye and even some hand-rolled salmon.

Summary of Reviews:


This hotel received above-average ratings, especially regarding the value you get for a beachfront stay and the proximity to the Jet Express ferry.

Most of the negative reviews implied that the resort needs some updating. Still, the rooms are clean, and a vacation here is absolutely budget-friendly!

Nearby Attractions: Take the Jet Express ferry to downtown Put In Bay or Kelleys Island! Maumee Bay is located 30 minutes west of Port Clinton and is excellent for taking a day trip to either the state park or the Maumee Bay Golf Course.

Additional Considerations: While Maumee Bay is a great base for day trips, many reviewers suggest visiting Port Clinton and the surrounding islands when in town!

10. Inn Port Lodging, Dayton

Inn Port Lodging is a historic hotel located right in the Oregon District
Source: Inn Port Lodging
Conveniently located between Columbus and Cincinnati, Dayton is home to Wright State and Wright Patterson Air Base. It’s also known as the birthplace of aviation.

Area: Inn Port Lodging is a historic hotel located right in the Oregon District.

Standout Feature: The Champagne Island Suite comes equipped with a king-size bed, sleeper sofa, dining area, and kitchen, as well as a jetted hot tub.

Summary of Reviews:


Most of the praise focused on the cute and comfortable stay the Inn provides.

There were very few bad reviews, just the occasional guest who felt the Inn needed updating. Of course, that might away some of its charms!

Nearby Attractions: Dayton Wright Brothers Airport is worth visiting. Some websites provide routes for a self-guided walking tour that allows you to experience the many districts and cultures of the city.

Additional Considerations: Dayton is a typical midwestern city, but with tons of character and fun for families of all ages. 

11. Ravenwood Castle, New Plymouth

Silversmith House at Ravenwood Castle
Source: Rayvenwood Castle
Just down the road from Hocking Hills State Park is the town of New Plymouth.

Area: New Plymouth is a great place to get out in the country and enjoy some fresh air.

Standout Feature: The medieval flair of the castle provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Summary of Reviews:


The majority of the reviews commented on how charming, unique, and family-oriented the stay was!

There were no overwhelming trends when it came to negative reviews, other than some people found the stay to be pricy, which you may expect when receiving such a unique experience!

Nearby Attractions: The castle is indeed the main attraction, but there are many state parks and outdoor adventures nearby if you are looking for some peace-and-quiet.

Additional Considerations: The Ravenwood Castle is a unique stay catered to folks who enjoy less modernized amenities in favor of board games, which is alluring to some and not to others!

12. The Lost Pearl Bed and Breakfast, Geneva-on-the-Lake

perfect place for children
Source: The Lost Pearl Bed and Breakfast

Geneva-on-the-Lake is the perfect place to go for some family-friendly fun and relaxation.

Looking for more fun things to do as a family? Head over to our blog for crafts, activities, travel hacks and more!

Area: The resot is located at the very northeast tip of Ohio. The Lost Pearl is located in Madison, just a few miles south.

Standout Feature: The Pirate Room is the perfect place for children taking family vacations. It delivers a beachy feel, which is impressive for the Midwest!

Summary of Reviews:


Guests rave about the cozy, antique vibe mixed with modern and private amenities. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

After much digging, there are no negative reviews to be found about this fabulous bed and breakfast!

Nearby Attractions: There are a plethora of activities out on the lake and in the nearby area. The things most visitors recommend are visiting the Adventure Zone Theme Park and the state park.

Additional Considerations: There are many activities in and around Geneva-on-the-Lake that do not necessarily require you to be out on the water and are fun for the whole family!


Ohio has plenty of family resorts and beaches, from Cincinnati, Columbus to the beach towns on Lake Erie. This midwestern destination is easy to reach by either plane or car and is usually right along the route of most cross-country road trips.

These resort options are all budget and family-friendly and will create memories that last a lifetime! You do not need to spend a ton of money to make your next vacation special.


My family and I are just passing through Ohio; which location is the best for just a weekend?

To maximize your time, we suggest spending a day in Cleveland and heading to Sandusky the next. That way, you can enjoy a few different cities and even squeeze in a few rural stops in between!

What is the best kid-friendly stay on a reasonable budget?

Great Wolf Lodge is your go-to place for families who want to keep the kids entertained for a reasonable price. There are many package deals and options to help families stretch their dollars without sacrificing any fun!

What is the best city in Ohio for family vacations?

There are plenty of family destinations in Ohio, but Cincinnati offers one of the widest arrays of activities at the best prices. The city offers a little bit of something for everyone in the family, no matter their age or interests.

What is the benefit of staying at a bed-and-breakfast versus a hotel?

Many of the chain hotels have set prices that don’t always deliver what you pay for. The hotels and resorts in the list above aim to manage budget concerns while providing a unique stay, complete with a long list of amenities.

What is the nicest city in Ohio?

Each city in Ohio is unique and well worth a visit. They all have their own flair and unique history!

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