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Niagara Rapids Run

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Feed your need for adventure on this water coaster.

Niagara Rapids Run is a roller coaster made for water! This thrill ride propels your raft up a steep climb to send you plunging down an exhilarating 52-foot vertical drop! Hold on tight as you splash through twisting, turning curves, howling as you go! Designed for your more adventurous family members, you can tackle this one in tandem tubes or even ride triple for three times the fun. Be sure to check out your family's action-packed slide photo in the photo booth located in Northern Lights Arcade.

Safety Requirements:

  • Minimum height requirement: Guests must be 48 inches tall. No exceptions are permitted.
  • Minimum rider weight: 200 pounds. No single riders are permitted.
  • Maximum rider weight: two or three riders are allowed. The maximum combined weight is 600 pounds.
  • Lap riding is not allowed.
  • This ride requires the physical ability to remain in an upright, seated position, while firmly grasping both handles.
  • Attendant will tell you when you may ride.
  • Riders will be seated in an inline raft with the lightest person in front and the heaviest in back.
  • In the event the ride stops, remain seated. A staff member will assist you and give any instructions to exit at that time.
  • Secure loose articles prior to riding.
  • Stopping, changing positions, and forming chains are not permitted.
  • Exit the landing pool immediately.
  • Landing pool is one foot, six inches deep.
  • This is a high-thrill ride. Riders will experience high acceleration and deceleration while traveling forward, backward, and side to side.
  • Remain in the riding position. Do not let go of the handles.
  • Protective swim diapers are required for any young children, toddlers, or diaper-dependent guests.
  • Failure to abide by these rules may result in injury to yourself and others, and could result in removal from the waterpark.
  • Hands-free cameras are permitted.