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Donation Requests for Niagara Falls, Canada 

Lending a Helping Paw

Great Wolf Lodge is committed to making a difference in the community by encouraging volunteerism among our pack members, promoting environmental stewardship, supporting the mission of various non-profit organizations and creating family traditions one family at a time–for those who need it most. The Wolf Pack’s community outreach giving efforts support non-profit children’s organizations and regional charities. Priority is given to registered charities that improve the lives of medically sensitive and vulnerable children and support their families during difficult and tragic times.  

Great Wolf Lodge donates a limited amount of gift certificates for overnight stays and/or water park passes to registered non-profit and charitable organizations in their fundraising endeavors.

Our donation request requirements are as follows:

  • All requests must be emailed to [email protected]
  • We do not accept printed, faxed or post mailed requests
  • Requests must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the fundraising event
  • Please include the following information:
    • Mailing address
    • Primary contact person, telephone number and email address
    • Purpose of the organization
    • Date of event; must be event specific
    • Affiliation with Great Wolf Lodge Niagara (if applicable)
    • CRA charitable registration number

Gift Certificate Eligibility Guidelines:

  • One donation request per year per organization for those groups that support our philosophy of giving
  • Organizations based in the Niagara Region will be given first priority for consideration
  • We are unable to donate to:
    • Individuals or individual families, however, we do give to agencies that help individuals
    • For profit organizations
    • Scholarships and professional development seminars and conferences
    • Employee recognition events
    • Political organizations or lobbying groups
    • Travel expenses for educational or extracurricular events
    • Any organizations that exclude based on race, gender, orientation, religion or any other discrimination
    • Great Wolf Lodge does not offer cash donations

Requests not meeting the above criteria or missing required information will not be considered for approval.

Due to the high number of requests submitted to Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls, we only contact charities that have been approved for a donation.