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The 5 Best Resorts in Colorado Springs in 2024

With ski season all but over, many folks would be surprised that Colorado Springs is more than just a wintertime destination. In fact, there are quite a few resorts in Colorado Springs that make for an ideal summer getaway. 

For those seeking a fun and relaxing trip to the “Centennial State,” look no further than my picks for the 5 best Colorado Springs resorts of 2024. Whether you are searching for a family-oriented getaway, a spot for couples, or a friends trip, there is a place for everyone on this list. Now… let’s find you a summer vacation!

1. Great Wolf Lodge

The Greatwolf Lodge is one of the best resort in Colorado
Source: Great Wolf Lodge

Distance from Colorado Springs Airport: 30 minutes by car.

Deals and Promotions: Great Wolf Lodge is currently offering a vast array of deals over the course of the next 12 months! Most of these are family packages. 

The Pros

Great Wolf Lodge is a family friendly option with lots of activities for the kids to enjoy. The indoor water park is open 10 hours a day and there’s tons of attractions the kids will love. Plus, the deals and promotions are family friendly and aimed at parents with children. 

The Cons

Due to the pandemic, hot tubs are currently closed (sorry, adults!). There’s also no daily room service due to COVID-19 concerns. This could be an issue with young children making a mess in the room. I do recommend calling ahead of time as these policies are likely to change in the near future.

COVID-19 Considerations: All guests over the age of 5 must wear face coverings.  As noted on our health and safety page, all guests are also required to observe a minimum of 6 feet of social distancing. Great Wolf Lodge is also using hospital-grade disinfecting and minimizing contact through contactless payments, food ordering, and a virtual concierge. 

The Overall Vibe: This resort provides an outdoorsy cabin-like feel with all the comforts of hotel amenities and none of the discomforts of true wilderness living. If you are a family on a budget this is a great fit for you!

indoor water park in the Great Wolf Lodge
Source: Great Wolf Lodge – Just one area of fun at the indoor water park at the Great Wolf Lodge.

2. The Broadmoor

Distance from Colorado Springs Airport: 20 minutes by car. 

Deals and Promotions: While the Broadmoor does not openly advertise discounted rates and promotions, they do offer a variety of packages that allow one to better tailor to their experiences. Some of the more popular packages include family packages, wilderness packages, golf packages, and holiday packages.

The Pros

A fly fishing camp, a professionally designed, state-of-the-art golf course, 10 zip lines, and pool and spa are just some of the features that prove what sort of variety you get at the Broadmoor. The Wilderness Experiences are the standout feature offered by the Broadmoor. The Ranch at Emerald Valley is especially welcoming to those who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of Coloradan nature. 32 person cabins make for tranquil living while not enjoying hiking, horseback riding, and fly fishing. One other option for a nature stay is the Cloud Camp. Located 3,000 feet above The Broadmoor, it is described as an “all-inclusive hideaway atop the Cheyenne Mountain.”

The Cons

The biggest downside visitors tend to have is the cost. While the overwhelming majority of people who vacation to the Broadmoor are satisfied with the value they get for their dollar, there have been some reviews that have highlighted the costs associated. Also, many accommodations like the spa and indoor pool have been requiring reservations that need to be booked ahead of time. Guests should call ahead when they book to ensure that they are able to solidify reservations ahead of time!

Fly Fishing Camp of the Broadmoor
Source: The Broadmoor

Experience the beautiful Colorado outdoors at the Fly Fishing Camp at the Broadmoor. 

COVID-19 Considerations: Restaurants are still at 50% capacity, so a reservation should be obtained well in advance to planning your trip. As of April 29th, 2021, the indoor pool no longer requires reservations! After speaking with a hotel representative, the Broadmoor still requires masking and distancing, but nothing else that would impede an otherwise enjoyable stay.

The Overall Vibe: Set against the Scenic Cheyenne foothills, The Broadmoor oozes luxury and class. The century-old resort has a particular mystique and charm that ensure this will be a stay unlike any other. For those wanting to get out into the beautiful nature Colorado has to offer, there is also the opportunity to book at the Cloud Camp or Ranch. If you are willing to spend some extra money to upgrade your standard vacation, this would be a fantastic choice. Whether you are a couple, a family, or taking a trip with friends, the Broadmoor has a little something for everyone. 

Stunning overhead view of The Broadmoor
Source: The Broadmoor

Overhead view of The Broadmoor, an exclusive resort in Colorado Springs.

awesome view of the Broadmoor at night
Source: The Broadmoor

An awesome view of the Broadmoor at night.  This particular image is during wintertime. 

Entrance to the Broadmoor
Source: The Broadmoor

The views upon arrival at the entrance to the Broadmoor. 

3. Garden of the Gods Resort

Distance from Colorado Springs Airport: 35 minutes by car

Deals and Promotions: There is no bargain shopping to be had here.  One of the cool features, however, is the Garden of the Gods membership pricing. There are numerous packages for prospective family and corporate memberships. The membership is complete with additional benefits that come in the form of sales on spa and salon, dining, and other accommodations.  

The Pros

Of my top 4, the Garden of the Gods Resort may clip the others in terms of options. A 27-hole state-of-the-art golf course, 2 outdoor tennis courts, 4 indoor tennis courts with certified professionals on-site, pickleball, fitness centers, pools, and wellness services all come included with your stay. The wellness services are an especially unique feature of this resort. These services include massage and spa therapy, general wellbeing services, salon and skincare services, health assessments, and more. 

The Cons

Generally speaking, this resort is the most expensive of the three.  That being said, the overwhelming majority of people seemed very satisfied with their quality  of stay in relation to the cost. I expect that sentiment to continue as COVID-19 restrictions seem to continue to be lifted. 

COVID-19 Considerations: The COVID-19 protocols are generally permissive in nature. Reservations are not required to access the pool area, however, there are maximum limits on the number of guests that can be congregated on the lounge chairs. The fitness center operates with more restrictions at the moment. Reservations for gym time open up online on Sundays for the following week. Gym sessions are 45 minutes long and equipment is sanitized in between. 

The Overall Vibe: The Garden of the Gods is a decades-old private club that has recently offered its services publically in an effort to share with others who “seek to enrich their lives through our unique offerings and restorative setting.” Although there are many activities to choose from here, the unique foundation of this resort as a sort of wellness retreat makes for a fantastic solo or couples getaway. 

Beautiful sunset at the Garden of Gods
Source: Garden of Gods Resort

The Garden of the Gods resort offers stunning scenery, most notably at sunset. 

Beautiful mountain view of the Garden of the Gods Resort in Colorado Spring
Source: Garden of Gods Resort

The beautiful mountain views of the foothills of the Cheyenne Mountains within view of the Garden of the Gods Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

beautiful backdrop for the perfect wedding venue at The Garden of Gods
Source: Garden of Gods Resort

The Garden of the Gods resort provides a beautiful backdrop for the perfect wedding venue. 

4. Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Springs, A Dolce Resort

Distance from Colorado Springs Airport: 15 minutes by car

Deals and Promotions: Upon logging onto the Cheyenne Mountain Resort website, a pop-up offering a discount for weekday stays was immediately offered. The website also has an “offers” tab where deals on spa, golf, and adventure are advertised. Similar to the Garden of the Gods resort, the Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Springs also offers membership packages.  These packages fall under the Country Club of Colorado at Cheyenne Mountain Resort, which describes itself as a “growing community who [enjoys] staying active, having fun, eating well, and making memories with friends and family.”

The Pros

The Cheyenne Mountain Resort is an excellent choice for all who enjoy leisure and recreation. It is upscale like some of the other hotels in Colorado Springs, but doesn’t come at a cost that breaks the bank. The fact that there are public and private options for enjoying the amenities really earn this spot one of the most versatile resorts in Colorado Springs. 

The Cons

Most of the negative reviews surrounding the Cheyenne Mountain Resort center on the cleanliness and upkeep of the place. Some individuals have described the pictures online as deceiving, and that the resort is not in the shape that a potential patron may expect. There was additional focus put on the cleanliness of the resort, most notably over the last year during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Considerations: There is a dedicated webpage for the COVID-19 protocol for the Cheyenne Mountain Resort that can be found here. Masks are still mandatory on the premises. The resort has partnered with EcoLab to put disinfectant products in guest rooms and public spaces.  The website continues to provide an updated list of the available amenities as they, hopefully, continue to reopen!

The Overall Vibe: The Cheyenne Mountain Resort is similar to the Garden of the God in the amenities and deals it offers. The quality and upkeep of the resort seems to be called into question in some of the reviews, but overwhelmingly people have good things to say about their stay at this resort. 

Beautiful view of the entrance of Cheyenne Colorado Spring
Source: Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Spring, A Dolce Resort

The beautiful view from the entrance at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. 

pool with an awesome mountain view at Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Spring
Source: Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Spring, A Dolce Resort

Cool down at the pool and enjoy the beautiful mountain views at the same time!

The rooms at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Source: Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Spring, A Dolce Resort

The rooms at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort along with the deck that accompanies some of them. 

  5. The Lodge at Flying House

Distance from Colorado Springs Airport: 34 minutes by car

Deals and Promotions: When on the website, it’s easy to navigate over to the “Special” tab. Similar to some of the other resorts, here is the location where you can customize the type of package that suits your lifestyle. The 2 packages that are currently offered are the Unlimited Golf Package and the Romance Package. The Unlimited Golf Package comes with just that, unlimited golf, from noon on arrival day to noon on departure day. The minimum stay with this package is 2 nights. The Romance Package is a highlight of this list I’ve compiled because it really sets the The Lodge at Flying Horse apart as a place that could potentially be geared toward a romantic getaway for couples. The Romance Package comes with 1 night in a Lodge room, Couple’s Massage, Aroma Soak, and Assorted Cheese and Fruit Platter.

The Pros

The Lodge at Flying Horse is a destination that is backed with strong reviews all over the internet. “Exclusive”, “luxurious,” and “high-end” were just a few of the words that folks used to describe their stay. Not only is the Flying Horse an excellent choice for spa, relaxation, and recreation, but it also has the capacity to be used as a wedding and event venue.  

The Cons

I was very hard pressed to find any negative reviews about this resort from the last 3 years. The overwhelming majority of people had really enjoyed their stay here. If there is one con it is that the resort is pricier when compared to its counterparts in this list. Though not by much, comparatively you will pay a little bit more for your stay here at the Lodge at Flying Horse. That is not necessarily a con if you know what you are getting into before you book. There were not any reviews of people feeling “ripped off” for the value they received.

COVID-19 Considerations: The Lodge at Flying Horse resort in Colorado Springs arguably takes their COVID-19 precautions the most serious out of the 5 resorts listed here.  As soon as you enter the webpage you’ll notice a pop up banner with a message from the General Manager about the steps that are being taken to ensure the safety of all guests. Face masks are still required, “enhanced disinfection” procedures are in place, and distancing requirements are met at the restaurants on site. The memo further explains that the resort follows the state guidance for COVID-19 closely. I would expect the rules to potentially loosen over the coming weeks. 

The Overall Vibe: The Lodge at Flying Horse is a vibe much the same as the other resorts in this list. I would argue that it stands out as a fantastic destination for couples if the romance or golf packages are selected. Overall, a 2-night minimum is not a terrible deal considering it would be easy to book a trip over a holiday weekend and meet that threshold. Like the others, the views are spectacular and the amenities are equally superb. This particular resort was even 

A stunning view of the Flying Horse Athletic Club
Source: The Lodge at Flying House

A stunning view of the Flying Horse Athletic Club.

Impeccable room design inside a suite at the Lodge at Flying Horse.
Source: The Lodge at Flying Horse

The impeccable room design inside a suite at the Lodge at Flying Horse.  

beautiful view at The Lodge of Flying House
Source: The Lodge of Flying House

A very scenic 18th green with a patio for onlookers to watch you sink that final putt!

In Review 

Before I conclude, it’s important to note that many of these resorts’ COVID-19 protocols are changing on a weekly basis. I cannot emphasize enough the need to call ahead and ensure that you have reservations for dining and other amenities such as spas, pools, golf, etc. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently released updated guidance that has the potential to drastically change which amenities are open and which will still be modified. 

In searching for the top Colorado Springs resorts of 2021, I wanted to find 5 places that were unique, historic, and had a long history of happy customers. All 5 of these resorts are full of sports, activities, and other amenities that cater to just about any lifestyle. With airfare and room rates affordable due to the pandemic, these resorts offer a once-in-a-lifetime stay for those looking to find somewhere other than a Marriott or Holiday Inn to spend some fun in the sun this summer.

Anyone can go online and book a room at a brand name hotel for a weekend. The truth is that Colorado Springs is a gorgeous place and some of these resorts have been giving folks an enjoyable way to experience the city’s beauty for over 100 years now. These resorts are more than just a place to sleep for the night, they are an entire experience.   

What makes these resorts in Colorado Springs ideal is that there are many ways to enjoy the same trip. You could spend a day at the spa, a day on the golf course, and a day out in the Cheyenne Mountains, all in just a weekend. All of these options provide pricing options that allow for customization of your stay that you just don’t find at your standard hotel and resort. Some of these resorts even offer deals that specifically cater to a weekend stay.

Summer 2021 is a great time to take a weekend, a week, or even longer to relax at one of these beautiful resorts, whether it be with friends, family, or just a personal trip for some well deserved R&R!

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