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10 Best Water Parks in Colorado

It’s always good to find places to splash around, especially if you’re living in the land-locked center of the country. Colorado is home to some of the nation’s most beautiful lakes, reservoirs, canyons, and coves.

But sometimes, we crave just a little more variety than what they can offer. In that case, there’s only one in-state solution to lean on, and it comes in the form of a water park. Fortunately, Colorado is home to some of the biggest and best in the country.

Check out our list below to learn more about water parks in the area.

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1. Great Wolf Lodge, Colorado Springs

Great Wolf Lodge, Colorado Springs

As mentioned, Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the United States.

It’s also home to some serious snowfall, which means a lot of those celebrated spots are off-limits for a good chunk of the year – especially the ones that involve getting in the water.

Fortunately, there are some places you can go swimming freely, without fear of snow or cold. The Great Wolf Lodge resort features an indoor water park, which means visitors are shielded from undesirable weather, no matter the season. The perfect weekend or Colorado Springs day trip, the location features 11 different water attractions.

There are smaller sized playgrounds for the little ones and high-speed slides for the older kids. There are also some on-land attractions to enjoy, including arcades, mini-golf courses, bowling alleys, and more. You can check them out and book a room here.

2. Old Town Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

If you’re hanging around Colorado, chances are you appreciate the great outdoors – even during the winter. If you’re desperate to get in the water but don’t want to do so indoors, head to Old Town Hot Springs where you can experience the best of both worlds.

The property contains of eight hot springs in total, with water temperatures ranging from 80 to 103 degrees. All the water originates from the all-natural Heart Spring which was once used by the Native American Ute Indians. There are also two water slides on-site, each standing at an impressive 230 feet.

Don’t forget to check out Wibit as well. Kids can entertain themselves on this floating obstacle course all day long.

3. Water World Colorado, Federal Heights

Water World Colorado, Federal Heights
Source: Wally Word

Take a bunch of themed attractions, mix in some water features and outcomes Water World Colorado. This location has rides that bring you face to face with dinosaurs, ancient temples, and storm-shattered buildings. There are over 20 rides for thrill-seekers to choose from.

Don’t worry, there are also more leisurely areas to hang out at. It’s also worth noting that the park has partnered with a variety of hotels to make the commute even easier.

4. Pirates Cove Water Park, Englewood

Pirates Cove Water Park, Englewood
Source: Water Slides

Pirates Cove Water Park is a great summer destination. Open from May to September, this outdoor oasis offers tons of different attractions for all kinds of adventurers.

Little kids can run around the Lagoon, also known as the “Leisure Pool.” It features a large play structure that includes a dump bucket and zero-depth entry.

You also have the option of hopping in a tube and floating down the Lazy River. Of course, there are also a series of water slides for visitors who want to inject a little more thrill into their stay.

The 35-foot Slide Tower leads to three slides of varying length and speed.

5. The Splash at Fossil Trace, Golden

If you like pools and you like playgrounds look no further than The Splash at Fossil Trace. The main attraction is known as the “Leisure Pool.”

The name pretty much says it all. People come from all over to lounge in and out of the water. The pool is surrounded by chairs, picnic tables, and shaded structures for extra comfort.

If you head into the center of the pool, you’ll find a jungle-gym-turned-water-tower that leads to two different slides. The kids will love it.

6. Island Kingdom Water Park, Denver

Island Kingdom Water Park, Denver
Source: Thrill Slides

If you’re looking for a place where you don’t have to sacrifice one amenity for the sake of another, plan a visit to the Island Kingdom Water Park. This place just about has it all.

A series of private cabanas with unique views, thrill rides, free-fall slides, tubing bowls, and mini slides for those with small children. If you’re looking for some on-land entertainment, there’s also an entire theme park to check out. The park has been around for over 100 years!

7. Hotel Glenwood Springs, Glenwood Springs

This indoor water park is located right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. There are also natural hot springs and the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers nearby.

The 1600 square-foot splash pool remains at a comfortable 85 degrees during the colder months, which makes it an optimal winter watering hole.

There’s also a water fountain, deck jet sprays, basketball hoops, and a two-story waterslide to check out!

8. Bay Aquatic Park, Broomfield

The Bay Aquatic Park is specifically designed for children between the ages of 1 and 13 years old. If you’re traveling with kids who fall on the lower side of that spectrum, you’ll be happy to hear that the leisure pool was designed with zero-depth entry.

You can also hang out in the grass and picnic areas for more kid-friendly spaces. If you’ve got older ones with you, send them over to one of their two body slides, inner tube slide, or the interactive water play structure.

9. H20’Brien Pool, Parker

Located just 20 minutes outside Denver, the H20’Brien pool is a popular summer hangout spot among the residents of Parker, Colorado. It features two 182’ water slides, a waterworks play structure, spray garden, and geysers for kids to splash around in.

There’s also a circulation and lap pool for those who are gunning for a good swim. The concession area and shade pavilion make a great place to spend outside of the house.

The park even offers swimming lessons to help keep your little ones safe. Check it out during the weekend anytime in between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

10. Brighton Oasis Family Aquatic Park, Brighton

Brighton Oasis Family Aquatic Park, Brighton
Source: Party & Pavilion Rental

This dynamic outdoor attraction features a little something for everyone. There’s the lazy river and tot pool with a zero-depth entry for the little ones, a wave-generator and water slides for the older kids, and a brand-new climbing wall in the dive well for those who like the idea of a challenge.

There’s also a water basketball area for the sports enthusiasts. Bring in your own food and drinks or pick up something from the concession stand and spend the day!

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