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Located just under two hours from both New York City and Philadelphia, the Poconos have long been a favorite travel destination for families on the east coast. Great Wolf Poconos is nestled among hiking trails, waterfalls, golf courses, and more than 150 miles of winding rivers, making it a picturesque getaway spot during every season.

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Jobs We're Typically Hiring For

Great Wolf Lodge is an equal opportunity employer and is excited to welcome new members to our pack regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran status, or disability. We offer different job types for individuals with varying skillsets and experience.

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Great Wolf Summer Hospitality Internship Program

Great Wolf Summer Hospitality Internship Program

A 10-week program for college students with meaningful experience complimenting their current coursework

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you get hired?

Our hiring process varies depending on the position and according to state and local requirements. Entry-level employees can expect to move forward in the hiring process between one to two weeks from their initial interview. More senior positions may require additional time.

How do I apply at Great Wolf?

Visit our jobs home page to search for the job that’s right for you at Great Wolf Lodge. Once you find a location and title that suits your experience and interest, click on apply now. You can also chat with a Recruiter in the bottom right of your screen to find positions and apply via chat.

Are there any jobs hiring with no experience?

All housekeeping, retail, attractions, entertainment and front of house food & beverage jobs are open to entry-level applicants. We also provide lifeguard training to individuals who want to work in our water park, so no prior experience is necessary.