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Not everyone gets to create memorable moments, but for Pack Members on Great Wolf Lodge’s Retail & Attractions team, it’s just part of the job. Each day working in this field is filled with opportunities to create a fun, immersive environment for guests in the lodge. Best of all, you’ll be working directly with kids while they’re having the time of their lives—making it a special experience they’ll remember forever. Whether helping to keep everyone safe or getting to see the look on a child’s face as you hand them their new favorite keepsake, our Pack Members always have a reason to smile. (The attractive paychecks and flexible schedules don’t hurt, either.)

Pack Member Working
Retail & Entertainment
  • Retail Attendant​
  • Attractions Attendant​
  • Kids Entertainment Ambassador​
  • Ropes Course Attendant​
  • Retail & Attractions Supervisor

Working on our Retail, Attractions, and Entertainment teams offers the chance to have a lot of fun at work, build a diverse skill set, and bring joy and lasting memories to families, for a truly fulfilling experience.

A Day in the Life of a
MagiQuest Attendant

Get a glimpse into a day of one of our MagiQuest Attendants.

Starting Out The Day

I arrive at the MagiQuest store 30 minutes before opening. It’s already fully stocked and the countertop is tidy, thanks to the evening team from the night before. I put on my Magi cloak and grab my wand from the back room. As usual, I’ll use my Master Magi wand and mod—the kids love to see them in action. I set out to check all of the interactive effects and stations around the lodge and note any issues I find. Nothing today—all is well in our virtual realm of Vellara.

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Morning Shift Begins

The store opens at 9am and right away, we have a steady flow of guests wanting to start playing MagiQuest. My fellow Pack Member and I help our new Magi players to choose wands and wand mods, as well as cloaks, capes, and/or belts. We set up their MagiQuest game accounts and—most importantly—teach each new Magi how to perform a proper wand cast.

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Lunch Break

On my way to the break room, I pass by a family at the Dragon encounter. They’re getting a bit scorched by Charlock’s flame breath, so I give them some pointers on when to cast the Ice Arrow Rune. They give it another shot and this time they’re victorious! Helping guests have fun is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

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Afternoon Rounds

It’s time to check in on all the MagiQuest stations and effects. I take another walk around the lodge, wand in hand, while my co-Pack Member stays at the store to assist other guests. I see a Magi casting at a very particular treasure chest, which means that they’ve finished the game and have become a Master Magi! I remind them to come to the Magi Ceremony in the lobby that afternoon to be recognized for their achievement.

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End of Shift

The next shift is due to start, so I return my wand and cloak to the back room, make sure there are no outstanding to-do items, and head out. Another successful day of quests and magic at Great Wolf Lodge.

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Early Morning
Late Afternoon
End of Shift
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With lodges spread across North America and more on the way, Great Wolf Lodge is expanding—and as we grow, our pack grows too!
Tim Brown
Tim Brown
Chief Development Officer
“The feeling I get when I walk through one of our Lodges and seeing entire families having an absolute blast is simply amazing.”
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson
General Counsel and Senior Vice President - Risk & Safety
“No matter your role, you can find inspiration and energy from your connection to Bringing Joy to Families”
Rachel O'Connell
Rachel O'Connell
Senior Vice President - HR
“Working in a service-focused business with a “one pack” mindset, surrounded by incredibly smart, hard-working colleagues who are unafraid to make tomorrow better than today is a true privilege.”
Mark Lewis
Mark "Lew" Lewis
Senior Vice President - Field Operations
“I really enjoy the diversity of our teams and the ability to be the same person at work that you are outside the workplace.”
Great Benefits

We take pride in caring for every member of our pack, through a host of great benefits to help strengthen health, finances, and family.


Affordable health insurance options, such as medical, dental and vision coverage, may be available for full-time positions.

Financial Benefits

Support your financial well-being with a range of benefits designed to enhance your overall compensation package.

Lifestyle Benefits

The support of lifestyle benefits designed to enhance your work-life balance and overall well-being.

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