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If you have a good eye for detail, strong organizational skills, or prefer to be active and on your feet, then the Housekeeping team at Great Wolf Lodge would love to have you join the pack. An excellent career choice for those who enjoy making spaces beautiful and seeing the immediate impact of their work right in front of their eyes, this field offers well-rounded positions that include both the chance to work with a team as well as maintaining solitary responsibilities for self-sufficient individuals. Add to that an attractive paycheck and flexible schedules, and you’ll understand why Housekeeping is one of the most vital areas of employment at Great Wolf Lodge.

Pack Member Working
  • Room Attendant​
  • House Attendant​
  • Laundry Attendant​
  • Public Area Attendant​
  • Housekeeping Supervisor

Working in Housekeeping, in the heart of the lodge, is a rewarding choice—it  provides excellent opportunities for leadership advancement within the organization, on top of strong pay and benefits.

A Day in the Life of a
Room Attendant

Get a glimpse into a day of one of our Room Attendants.

Preparing For The Day

I arrive just in time to begin the day with our energizing daily howl, held in the laundry room. After that, we receive our assignments for the day, head to our assigned floors, and get our carts and caddies ready to begin the shift.

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Stay-Over Rooms Time

I head to the hallway where I’ll begin with the rooms of guests who are still staying with us. I know the routine well by now: Knock three times and announce yourself before entering, then proceed through our checklist of duties, including removing all trash, restocking amenities, straightening the bed, and more.

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Check-Out Rooms

At 11:00am, I start with check-out rooms of departing guests. These rooms have a more involved process—along with the above duties, we have to completely clean and reset the room for the next guests. This involves cleaning and sanitizing the bedding, bathrooms, and rest of the suite. I then vacuum my way to the door, make sure it’s ready, and activate the code announcing the suite is both clean and vacant. I continue on to the next, until my assignments for the day are complete.

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Supervisor Check-In

Once I’m finished with rooms, I do a quick check-in with my supervisor to see who needs help. After this, I’ll also vacuum hallways, restocks carts and supplies, and more. Any lost and found items are turned in—I hope the guests know that we’re always trying to hold on to anything they may misplace or forget!

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Clocking Out

Once I’m done with my final agenda items, I return the I-Pod I use to keep track of my work, as well as my key, so the next shift has everything they need. Clocking out for the day, I feel a sense of achievement: Thanks to my hard work, guests will be enjoying a clean, restful stay—all part of bringing joy to families.

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Late Afternoon
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With lodges spread across North America and more on the way, Great Wolf Lodge is expanding—and as we grow, our pack grows too!
Tim Brown
Tim Brown
Chief Development Officer
“The feeling I get when I walk through one of our Lodges and seeing entire families having an absolute blast is simply amazing.”
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson
General Counsel and Senior Vice President - Risk & Safety
“No matter your role, you can find inspiration and energy from your connection to Bringing Joy to Families”
Rachel O'Connell
Rachel O'Connell
Senior Vice President - HR
“Working in a service-focused business with a “one pack” mindset, surrounded by incredibly smart, hard-working colleagues who are unafraid to make tomorrow better than today is a true privilege.”
Mark Lewis
Mark "Lew" Lewis
Senior Vice President - Field Operations
“I really enjoy the diversity of our teams and the ability to be the same person at work that you are outside the workplace.”
Great Benefits

We take pride in caring for every member of our pack, through a host of great benefits to help strengthen health, finances, and family.


Affordable health insurance options, such as medical, dental and vision coverage, may be available for full-time positions.

Financial Benefits

Support your financial well-being with a range of benefits designed to enhance your overall compensation package.

Lifestyle Benefits

The support of lifestyle benefits designed to enhance your work-life balance and overall well-being.

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