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Great Wolf Lodge Corporate Office: Chicago, IL

Our corporate office in downtown Chicago, IL, offers a wide variety of fun and meaningful career opportunities. Explore openings in your area of interest and help us bring everlasting joy and memories to families.

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Jobs We're Typically Hiring For

Great Wolf Lodge is an equal opportunity employer and is excited to welcome new members to our pack regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran status, or disability. We offer different job types for individuals with varying skillsets and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during the hiring process?

Step 1: Search open opportunities on our Great Wolf Jobs site and submit your application
You’ll complete your personal information and upload a resume or CV
Bonus: Follow Great Wolf on LinkedIn to learn more about our culture and current events!

Step 2: Interview
During the interview process you will typically meet with the hiring manger, potential coworkers, and a member of the Human Resources team. You’ll be asked about your motivation for the position and our company, and about the skills and experiences you bring that will important to success in the role.

Step 3: Offer and Pre-Hire Steps
If you are a match for the needs of the position, you will get a verbal and written offer with additional details. You’ll receive information to complete a background check and provide some additional information prior to your first day.

Step 4: Onboarding
Once you’re part of the Pack you will complete a personalized onboarding process. This includes setting up your technology, getting oriented to the history and culture of Great Wolf, and support with all of the benefit options available to you. Additionally, you will also work with your leader and your team to get introduced to fellow Pack Members and projects.

What do the most successful Great Wolf employees have in common?
  1. Committed to delivering valuable work while demonstrating our Values 
  2. Have a healthy sense of urgency and accountability
  3. ‘Strategic doers’ – able to take ownership of work and tasks at hand, while working towards bigger picture goals
  4. Are team players – willing to support their peers, leaders, and fellow Pack Members to get the job done
  5. Enthusiasm for our purpose of ‘Bringing Joy to Families’
What is the dress code at the corporate office?

We embrace individuality and we want you to feel comfortable to bring your whole self to work. While we ask you to put your best foot forward, jeans or ‘dressed up casual’ are welcome at our Corporate office. If you are preparing for an interview, we recommend business or business casual attire. You can use your discretion and come dressed in what you feel most comfortable in for an interview.

How are you committed to diversity and inclusion as a company?

Great Wolf Lodge takes pride in having a culture that is welcoming and respectful to all people, regardless of background. We believe the uniqueness, individuality, and diversity of our Pack are the pillars of its strength. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring every Pack Member can bring their authentic and whole self to work every day, allowing us to continue our mission of bringing joy to families.  Great Wolf continuously reviews and takes action related to diversity and has several programs aimed to drive further diversity of our workforce.  Great Wolf also takes pride in celebrating the differences in our Pack, and holds monthly inclusion celebrations across all locations.  Visit our Inclusion and Diversity page to learn more!