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Freshwoods Market

For a quick bite that's sure to satisfy the hungriest pack.

Short on time? Or tired out from the water park? Stop by Freshwoods Market and simply pick up our ready-to-go meals to take back to your room and enjoy.

ALLERGY AWARENESS: At Great Wolf Lodge, all our culinary teams are well versed in common food allergies and dietary restrictions. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs, and we encourage you to speak to your chef, so your meal can be prepared safely from the very beginning. Great Wolf Lodge does not use or serve peanut or tree nut products, but some of our products may be manufactured in facilities that also process nuts. If you’d like to discuss your dietary needs before your stay, please email us at


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    Available items
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    Start Your Day
    T3 Menu Item Description: 

    Cereal and Pastries

    T3 Menu Item Name: 
    T3 Menu Item Description: 

    Assorted Candies and Chocolate Bars
    Freshly Prepared Fruit Cups

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    Other Items
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    Convenience Medicines

    T3 Menu Item Name: 
    T3 Menu Item Description: 


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    Coffee Selection
    Soft Drink Selection, Waters, Energy Drinks
    Domestic and Craft Beer Selection
    Wine Selection