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Keeping Your Family Safe While You Play

Face Coverings Required Unless Fully Vaccinated

As part of our Paw Pledge program to safeguard our guests and pack members, we require any guests who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including children ages 5 and older, to wear a face covering that fully covers their nose and mouth, and secures under their chin, while visiting our resorts. Guests are required to wear a face covering in all public areas of the resort. Unvaccinated guests are required to wear a face covering in all areas of the resort, except when dining, when maintaining proper physical distance at an outdoor venue, or when actively enjoying the water park attractions.

Although still recommended, guests who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are not required to wear a face covering while at the resort, either indoors or outdoors. All guests will need to certify they understand that only vaccinated members of their party are permitted to be without face coverings in the public areas of the resort. 

Great Wolf Lodge does not independently verify vaccination status of our guests. Instead, we trust our guests to comply with the requirements of this updated policy and to ensure members of their party, including children 5 and older, wear face coverings if not fully vaccinated.  

We appreciate your support of this initiative, as well as the other protocols put into place as part of our Paw Pledge commitment to health and safety.

Health & Safety Program Overview

Great Wolf Lodge is committed to keeping families safe as they play together at our resorts. As part of our company-wide Paw Pledge Program, we partnered with medical experts, public health officials, sanitizations specialists, and industrial engineers to develop new procedures that focus on disinfection and sanitization, physical distancing, personal protection, and minimizing surface interactions in all guest areas across the resort.

  • It is mandatory that all guests ages 5+ wear a face covering that fully covers their nose and mouth, and secures under their chin, unless fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Consistent with the most recent CDC guidelines, a similar face covering policy will apply to our pack members at the resort.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the lodge. 
  • Physical distancing markers are located in queues and utilized at entertainment events to provide spacing between family groups. Similar spacing is applied to seating in our dining outlets and water park.
  • Water park capacity is closely monitored and family groups are encouraged to physically distance from one another. 
  • We have partnered with Procter & Gamble to create the CleanPLUS Experience for guest rooms and all public areas, including the water park, retail outlets, and food & beverage locations.
  • We encourage minimizing surface touching and individual contact by offering mobile check-in and food ordering options in the Great Wolf Lodge app, accepting credit cards and resort wristbands for payment for items, and offering limited housekeeping services for guests staying multiple nights.
  • Completion of a guest wellness questionnaire will be required for each member of every reservation as part of the check-in process. Click here for a preview.
  • Our Pack Members will undergo wellness screens and wear proper personal protection equipment (PPE) where appropriate.​

Please postpone your visit if anyone in your party recently experienced a fever, ailment, or any symptoms consistent with COVID-19. We are waiving fees for reservation changes due to family illness, so please stay home and err on the side of caution if someone’s health status is questionable. Guests visiting the resort acknowledge there is an inherent risk in exposure to COVID-19 in any public venue.

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Learn what you need to know to prepare for your stay. Click Here.

Council of Experts

To validate our procedures and ensure everything we’re doing represents the highest health and safety standards, we’ve consulted with experts.

Our procedures to maximize guest safety have been reviewed and endorsed by a team of COVID-19 medical experts.

We partnered with Chainalytics, a supply chain and industrial engineering firm, to establish guest flow and capacity standards to maintain social distancing.

To ensure a CleanPLUS Experience, we convened with experts from Procter & Gamble to review cleaning and sanitization operations, equipment and products that are proven to clean, sanitize and disinfect. A CleanPLUS Experience means that we have identified:

  • High touch areas across the lodge to clean and disinfect on a more frequent basis.
  • Trusted brands that will help us clean and disinfect.
  • In our rooms and across all public areas and outlets, Spic and Span 3n1, a hospital grade disinfectant, will be our core cleaner due to its tremendous versatility, along with Comet bath. Both products are on the EPA’s approved N-List. In addition, Febreze Sanitizing Fabric Refresher will be used on all soft good materials.
  • In our Food and Beverage outlets, all dishware and cutlery are cleaned and sanitized using Dawn Professional Power Wash. This product is also on the EPA’s approved N-List.
  • In our laundry, our linens and towels are laundered in Tide Professional.

The CleanPLUS experience ensures high standards in cleaning and disinfecting across all areas of the lodge.