Best Event Venues in Phoenix Arizona

25 Best Event Venues in Phoenix, AZ in 2022

Finding an event space in Phoenix can be tricky, especially considering it’s one of the most popular cities in the US. To help you with your search, we’ve come up with 25 party venues where you can host a birthday, wedding, fundraiser, corporate event, and more. All are located in or around Phoenix and provide important amenities to ensure your event goes smoothly.  

Now, let’s get started! 

25 Venues In Phoenix

Looking for Phoenix meeting venues, Phoenix conference centers, or corporate event venues in Phoenix? We’ve got you covered!

Listed below are the 25 best event venues in Phoenix. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve included information on price, the number of people the space can accommodate, and what kind of events the space usually hosts. 

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is a great place to host any number of events.
Source: Great Wolf Lodge

Maximum Capacity: 425 people

Price: Request proposal for prices

Location: Scottsdale / Salt River

Interested in renting a meeting space at Great Wolf Lodge? Check out our amenities today.

Great Wolf Lodge is a great place to host any number of events. Our staff can help you plan for the occasion and customize the event to your liking. You can host a conference here, as well as a birthday, family reunion, and more. Remember, guests will enjoy full access to lodge amenities during their stay! Get in touch with us today so you can start the planning process.

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Phoenix Airport

The Holiday Inn is a great choice for events attracting a lot of out-of-town guests
Source: Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites Phoenix Airport

Maximum Capacity: 150 people

Price: $1,350 – $2,950

Location: South Mountain

The Holiday Inn is a great choice for events attracting a lot of out-of-town guests. The hotel will also help set up your event by providing food, tables, and anything else you require to ensure a successful event. You can call them for quotes and talk about arrangements for the room as well.

If you need to book a stay for the meeting, you can reserve multiple rooms at once. 

Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Tempe

Hilton Garden In Phoenix Tempe
Source: Hilton Garden Inn

Maximum Capacity: 320

Price: $200 – $4,250

Location: University Research Park

 Hilton Garden Inn offers a little over 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space for meetings and other events. If you are looking to host a conference in the summer, it may be nice to set up space outside for a more relaxing environment.

If you are looking for professional space, this hotel will help you set up tables inside in any design you want. The staff will help you plan all details. They also offer several types of menus to choose from, including a buffet option.

Your team can stay the night if they are from out of town. 

Parkwood Studios and Meeting Spaces

One of the best event venues in phoenix
Source: Parkwood Studio and Meeting Spaces

Maximum Capacity: 350

Price: $2,500

Location: Encanto

Parkwood Studios and Meeting Spaces is close to downtown and is great for hosting corporate events. After putting down a small deposit to reserve the space, you can start thinking about how you want to arrange the room for your upcoming presentation. It’s a chic space that provides modern and comfortable rooms for your team.

This is perfect for quarterly meetings and leadership retreats. It is also five minutes away from Sky Harbour Airport.

Residence Inn

Residence Inn is great for hosting a meetings and events
Source: Residence Inn

Maximum Capacity: 150

Price: $500 – $1,800

Location: Mayo Blvd

This is an extended-stay hotel that is perfect for hosting meetings. The Residence Inn offers spacious meeting rooms over 4,000 feet, high-speed internet and will help you prepare the room for your event. You’ll be free to arrange the tables however you like, in a way that best accommodates your entire team. 

Once the meeting is over, guests can stay and enjoy pet-friendly rooms, a fire pit, lounge beside the pool, and in the morning enjoy a breakfast buffet.

Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort

This massive resort is perfect for hosting big events and parties
Source: Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort

Maximum Capacity: 1,020

Price: $500 – $4,500

Location: North 16th Street

This is a massive resort with over 46 conference rooms and 48,000 square feet to choose from. The staff is available to help you choose the best room for your team and set up any equipment needed to make the event a success. Whichever room you choose, you can rest assured that the meeting will run smoothly.

Your team even has the option to stay overnight and enjoy the many amenities the hotel has to offer.

The View At 55th Place

The View at 55th Place is the newest venues in Phoenix
Source: The View at 55th Place

Maximum Capacity: 200

Price: $3,000 – $5,000

Location: Messa, AZ

This spacious location has gorgeous views and a stunning event room perfect for receptions, weddings, or rehearsal dinners. The building contains an open concept layout that helps utilize the space. You can also customize the space based on your specific needs. The staff will also help you set up and rearrange the area based on the number of guests you are expecting.

This is one of the newest venues in Phoenix, but we promise it’s worth the investment.

There is onsite catering, the building is handicapped accessible, and the staff will do everything they can to help prepare for the wedding of your dreams. Plus, free WiFi! 

We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort

We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort
Source: We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort

Maximum Capacity: 2000

Price: $3,950 – $6,950

Location: Fort McDowell

Looking for a unique space that delivers Native American culture, contemporary art, and impressive mountain views? Then look no further than the We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort. This is an untraditional venue for lovebirds looking forward to a fun reception or rehearsal dinner. There are over 18 to choose from for the actual ceremony. 

There is an onsite catering service, a bar and lounge area, as well as a few event rooms to choose from. Keep in mind this is also a handicapped-accessible building!

Antigua Garden

Antigua Garden
Source: Antigua Garden

Maximum Capacity: 200

Price: $3,500 – $11,000

Location: Phoenix

Antigua Garden is the perfect space for a smaller ceremony or a tiny reception party with a beautiful outdoor area. It’s also just five minutes away from downtown Phoenix, meaning your guests will be able to access tons of hotels nearby and explore the best of what the city has to offer. 

The staff here will provide you with whatever you need to make your wedding day special. They can provide tables/chairs, cake decorations, and even limo services for the big day.

It’s also one of the few locations that offer a private parking lot downtown. 

Stonecreek Golf Club

Stone Creek Golf Club is ideal for outdoor activities and events
Source: Stonecreek Golf Club

Maximum Capacity: 150

Price: $1,600 – $2,300

Location: Paradise Village Pkwy

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor area with a stunning view of the natural landscape just outside of Phoenix? The photos alone will be worth it! Stonecreek Golf Club is an excellent option for your wedding day, from its mountain views to impressive amenities. 

Foothills Golf Club

Stunning view outside the Foothills Golf Club
Source: Foothills Golf Club

Maximum Capacity: 225

Price: $1,500 – $5,000

Location: East Clubhouse Drive

Foothills Golf Club overlooks the mountains surrounding Phoenix. It provides a scenic space for couples looking to enjoy a more intimate ceremony. Guests will also enjoy the full bar and comfy lounge. They’ll also have access to most of the club’s amenities. This venue will allow you to choose their catering services or outside catering.

Be sure to call in advance, because this one books up fast!

Uptown Alley Surprise

The most popular bowling alleys in Phoenix
Source: Uptown Alley Surprise

Maximum Capacity: 2,500

Price: N/A

Location: Surprise Arizona

One of Phoenix’s most popular bowling alleys, the staff at Uptown Alley Surprise can help arrange food, drink, and entertainment for private parties. This is the perfect place to host a large gathering or birthday party. There are also tons of hotels nearby for guests coming in from out of town.

Be sure to call ahead with the number of guests you’re expecting for the most optimal experience. 

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain

Enjoy the great view at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain with your loved ones
Source: Sanctuary Camelback Mountain

Maximum Capacity: 220

Price: N/A

Location: Camelback Mountain

The only thing better than spending time with family and friends is doing so with a great view. Sanctuary Camelback Mountain offers an entire ballroom and beautiful background, to boot. This property is on 53acres that overlooks Paradise Valley and can accommodate over 200 people.

They can also help arrange catering services for the event; just be sure to call ahead! 

Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens

Hidden Gems of Phoenix
Source: Boojum Tree Hidden Garden

Maximum Capacity: 200

Price: N/A

Location: Phoenix

Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens is one of Phoenix’s most celebrated hidden gems. Just as the name suggests, it is a little piece of paradise right in the middle of a major city. Plus, it contains both an indoor and outdoor space and can host up to 200 people.

The staff here will help you customize the space to suit your specific needs. Head over to their official site for more information.

You can also call for a more personalized rundown of what they offer. 

The Painters Lounge

Well decorated and perfect for hosting private party
Source: The Painters Lounge

Maximum Capacity: 50

Price: N/A

Location: Central City

The Painters Lounge is a great place to throw a private party. With virtually every wall decorated with impressive pieces of art, lots to see and discuss. They even provide activities to engage the guests! Staff will teach partygoers how to paint during the party. Enjoy a glass of wine while unleashing your inner artist!

We should probably also note that catering is available. 


Venue8600 at North Scottsdale
Source: Venue8600

Maximum Capacity: 240

Price: $250 – $5,000

Location: North Scottsdale

Ever want to throw a party in a mansion? Here’s your chance! With floor-to-ceiling windows, you and your guests will get to enjoy the beautiful property and take in brilliant views of the surrounding area. There’s also a sizable parking lot to accommodate everyone arriving by car. It’s also relatively easy to find.

Folks come from all over to celebrate birthday parties, baby showers, and more at Venue8600! Whatever you need to set up, the staff will be there to help you along the way.

If you haven’t yet arranged the catering, don’t worry – the venue provides exclusive opportunities for in-house catering.

Moxy Tempe

Modern setting to host an event and birthday parties
Source: Moxy Tempe

Maximum Capacity: 100

Price: $175 – $1,500

Location: Tempe Arizona

Located in Tempe, Arizona, this venue provides a modern and industrial setting for you to celebrate a birthday or graduation party. Bring your favorite catering company and ask the staff to help you set up. No matter what time of day the party starts, guests will enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area.

Gilbert Community Center

host an outdoor event at Gilbert Community Center
Source: Gilbert Community Center

Maximum Capacity: 102

Price: $160 – $200 Per Guest

Location: Gilbert Arizona

If you are looking for a space to host an outdoor event, the Gilbert Community Center is a great choice. This venue has multiple rooms to choose from. You can also set things up inside and venture onto their amazing patio for a little time outdoors. The area is well lit and provides the perfect change of scenery for those looking to inject a little variety into the night.

Be sure to check out their official site for more information on all the amenities they offer. 

Arizona Federal Theatre

Arizona Federal Theatre is a popular party venue
Source: Arizona Federal Theatre

Maximum Capacity: 5,000

Price: N/A

Conveniently located in downtown Phoenix, the Arizona Federal Theatre remains a popular party venue. Between the live music options, lounge area, and full bar, there’s little more you’ll need to arrange for a fun night out. 

The Theatre contains several different rooms from which you can choose to host your gathering. There are also tons of hotels nearby for guests who don’t want to travel far once the party comes to an end.

And yes – there’s free WiFi throughout the entire venue. 

Barrio Queen Desert Ridge

had a fun private dining with Barrio Queen Dessert Ridge
Source: Barrio Queen

Maximum Capacity: 150

Price: N/A

Location: Phoenix

Looking for a fun, vibrant location with amazing food? Head over to Barrio Queen Desert Ridge! You’ll find delicious food, yummy cocktails, and a quirky place to host your next birthday party. The view is of the desert and one of the best in town. 

The staff is also available to help in order to minimize stress on the organizer and ensure a great evening.

The catering team is also available to weigh in on the menu. Start planning today!


Sandbar in Arizona
Source: Sandbar

Maximum Capacity: 750

Price: N/A

Location: Phoenix

The Sandbar is a half indoors, half outdoors space with a spectacular desert view. This restaurant contains splashes of color on every corner and lots of Mexican decor. You can get full service, private cabanas, patio, furniture, and more. 

The staff will also set you up for a successful event with heaters, food, and everything else you need for your party.  

Embassy Suites

Romantic gathering  at The Embassy Suites
Source: The Embassy Suites

Maximum Capacity: 80

Price: N/A

Location: Encanto

The Embassy Suites is a great venue to book if you’re looking to host a small, romantic gathering. The space can hold up to 80 people, and the staff will do their best to see that the evening goes off without a hitch. From setting up tables with candles and themed plates to providing the necessary equipment for music and entertainment, they’ll work hard to prevent any stress from falling on you. 


Host a private party at UnderTow
Source: Visit Phoenix

Maximum Capacity: 40

Price: N/A

Location: Phoenix

Small doesn’t always mean boring. UnderTow is a nightclub in downtown Phoenix that can accommodate up to 40 people for private parties. There are tons of hotels around the area that can be booked if anyone gets a little too groovy. The staff makes amazing cocktails, and there will be plenty of music to dance to.

Call the front desk to find out more information on how to book for your small event.

The Farm South Mountain

The Farm South Mountain
Source: The Farm South Mountain

Maximum Capacity: 300

Price: N/A

Location: South Mountain

Though the Farm South Mountain is very close to downtown, it’s far enough away to escape all that urban noise and congestion. The venue provides a romantic and intimate setting for a small number of people, with plenty of canopies and pecan trees to sit under. You’ll also see organic gardens and eat at one of their award-winning restaurants. 

With that kind of description, it’s no wonder that the Farm South Mountain has become a popular place to host health and wellness retreats of all sorts. Call today to find out more. 

The Henry

perfect to host an event at The Henry with your family and friends
Source: The Henry

Maximum Capacity: 125

Price: $750 – $4,000

Location: Camelback East

If you want to host an event that includes drinking world-class wine, then this is definitely the venue for you. The Henry also provides elegant table settings, deep chestnut walls, and comfortable seats that are perfect for small gatherings. It’s a great place to throw an intimate party with your close family and friends.

The Capital Grille Phoenix

The Capital Grille is a great place to host a themed event
Source: Eventective

Maximum Capacity: 50

Price: $350 – $5,750

Location: Camelback East

This Gatsby-themed restaurant is a great place to host a themed event. Besides, the food is delicious, and the drinks go down easy. The venue contains two private rooms and a patio for private parties. Get in touch with them in advance to discuss menu options! 


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best event venues in Phoenix! Whether you’re looking for a place to host a corporate event, celebrate a birthday, baby shower, or even a wedding ceremony, Phoenix provides plenty of options.

Get in touch with our sales professionals for customized information regarding your next event. 

Don’t forget to explore the rest of what we offer at Great Wolf Lodge. Our indoor water park has been ranked among the best in the country. We also have several eating options located within the resort and planned activities for those traveling with small children. 

Speaking of kids, head over to our blog for ideas on how to spend quality time with the family. 

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