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Package details: 

Reserve your seat or cabana today! Call 800.551.9653 or use the “Chat Now” feature between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm Central. 

Give your family a "home base" while you enjoy the water park. Cabanas provide a common location for you to come back to that is reserved just for your family. Everything’s easier for everyone with a cabana, and yours comes complete with plenty of refreshing beverages, towels, seating, and other smart amenities. 

Each Outdoor Cabana Includes:

  • Daily Rental from 11am-7pm
  • 2 Lounge Chaises
  • 6 Towels
  • Fridge
  • Safe
  • TV

Cabanas are available on the day of purchase until the water park closes. Based upon availability. Prices may vary.