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Water slide gaming fun unlike anything you've ever seen.

Grab a slideboard, choose a game name and enter the vortex of electrifying water slide gaming fun! Use your thumb controls to hit your LED color targets, check your score from the plunge pool, challenge your friends and advance through the multiple levels of difficulty. The gaming experience continues when you download the app from iTunes, so you can play and stay in touch with other Slideboarders throughout the year!

View Safety Rules 
  • Guests must be 48 inches tall to ride. No exceptions are permitted.
  • The maximum weight is 300 pounds.
  • This ride requires the physical ability to remain in an upright, seated position, with legs extended and your back against the backrest while firmly grasping both handles.
  • The attendant will tell you when you may ride; riders must wait for the countdown before starting.
  • Secure loose articles prior to riding.
  • Stopping, changing positions and forming chains are not permitted.
  • Exit the landing pool immediately.
  • Always carry Slideboards by the handles; please do not drag them on the ground.
  • The landing pool is one foot, six inches deep.
  • Riders will experience acceleration and deceleration while traveling forward and side to side.
  • Remain in the riding position. Do not let go of the handles.
  • This attraction involves intense sound, strobe and lighting effects which could aggravate certain medical conditions.
  • Failure to abide by these rules may result in injury to yourself and others and could result in removal from the water park.