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The Double Barrel Drop

Drop, twist and turn on this adventurous slide.

Thrill-seekers unite! The Double-Barrel Drop is the ultimate water slide with flashing LED lights, electrifying twists and turns, barrel drops and 450-degree spins. By the time you reach the final drop into the plunge pool, you'll be ready to do it again!

View Safety Rules 
  • Guests must be 48 inches tall to participate. No exceptions are allowed.
  • The maximum weight for two riders is 400 pounds on a Whirly Wheel Tube.
  • The maximum weight for two to four riders is 700 pounds on a Cloverleaf Tube.
  • This ride requires the physical ability to remain in an upright, seated position, while firmly grasping both handles.
  • The attendant will tell you when you may ride.
  • Riders are positioned in Cloverleaf or Whirly Wheel tubes to balance weight.
  • Secure loose articles prior to riding. Footwear is not permitted.
  • Lap riding is not allowed.
  • Stopping, changing positions, and forming chains are not permitted.
  • Exit the landing pool immediately.
  • Landing pool is one foot, six inches deep
  • This is a high-thrill ride. Riders will experience high acceleration and deceleration while traveling forward, backward, and side to side.
  • Remain in the riding position. Do not let go of the handles.
  • Failure to abide by these rules may result in injury to yourself and others and could result in removal from the water park.