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The New GWL Voyagers Club Membership Program:
A Great Way To Get More

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is included in the Great Wolf Lodge Voyagers Membership Program?

Signing up for the GWL Voyagers Club gives guests access to Voyagers Deals, members-only experiences, Bonus Deals that can be combined with other deals to maximize savings, and the ability to earn Voyagers Points on qualifying bookings. Members must complete their profile and set a password to have access to all benefits.

What is a Voyagers Point?

Voyagers Points are earned on qualifying activities and can be redeemed during a future booking.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up on our website, by clicking the Great Wolf Lodge Voyagers Club link.

Why do I need to complete my account?

Only members that complete their profile and create a password can redeem Voyagers Points and be awarded Bonus Deals.


How do I earn points?

Points are earned on qualifying stays of two nights or more. Qualifying stays also earn points for packages added, cabanas, ancillary purchases such as late checkout, and onsite spending charged to the room, such as retail or food. Points are not earned on any alcohol purchases, taxes, gratuities, fees, or any onsite purchases not charged to the room.

How many points can I earn?

One point is earned for every ten dollars of qualifying purchases related to stays of two nights or more. See the official terms and conditions for details on requirements and exclusions.

When do my points post?

Points are calculated based on the final folio, and are posted after completing your stay. Please allow up to 5 business days for points to post in your account. 

Where can I see my points?

Members can see their points earned in their profile on


When do my points expire?

Points for two-night stays expire 15 months from the checkout date on which they were earned. Expiration is subject to change.  

What can I use my points on?

Points can be redeemed when booking the room portion of a future stay. They cannot be used for packages or any onsite charges.

How can I use my points on a room booking?

To redeem points, members must book directly on and be logged in to their account. Points will display on the home page and can be redeemed during booking. Points cannot be redeemed when booking by phone.

I have more points than the room costs. What do I do?

Since points can only be used on the room charges, any leftover points can be applied toward your next stay.

Can I redeem if I am using a deal code?

Yes! Points can be redeemed when booking with a Deal and/or Bonus Deal.  We will apply your Deals and Bonus Deals first, and you may use available Points for any remaining room charge at booking.

Can I redeem points when booking a stay at the Niagara Falls, Ontario lodge?

Points can only be redeemed at our U.S. lodges.

Bonus Deals

What is a Bonus Deal?

Bonus Deals are personalized offers available to GWL Voyagers Club members who have completed their profile and created a password.

Why did I get this Bonus Deal?

Bonus Deals are tailored to individuals. Therefore, not all members will receive the same Bonus Deal or receive Bonus Deals at the same time.

Where can I see my Bonus Deals?

Visit and log into your account to see Bonus Deals.

How do I use my Bonus Deal?

Bonus Deals can only be used on bookings directly through Members must log in and select their Bonus Deals before completing booking. Bonus Deals cannot be used on bookings made by phone.

Can I add multiple Bonus Deals?

Yes! Bonus Deals are stackable.

Can I add Bonus Deals on top of deal codes?

Yes! Bonus Deals can be used with deal codes.

Can I add Bonus Deals on top of point redemption?

Yes! Bonus Deals can be added before redeeming points.

Can I move my Bonus Deal to a different stay date?

Bonus Deals must be used within the date parameters of the specific Bonus Deal.