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Eating With Food Allergies at Great Wolf Lodge

Traveling with food allergies or while on a gluten-free diet can be quite stressful, as you are never sure if there will be something available for you to eat at your destination. Thankfully, our staff at Great Wolf Lodge is trained and knowledgeable about most allergies, and our chefs can provide personalized options to guests no matter what their needs. Recently, AllergyEats declared Great Wolf Lodge the “gold standard” of food allergy dining.

It’s incredibly important to us that gluten-free individuals, especially children, don’t feel left out or disappointed with limited food options during their stay. That’s why we’ve created an allergy-friendly culture throughout all Great Wolf Lodge properties. The first thing we did was get rid of all nuts, changing recipes by finding other items to replace them or simply leaving them out. We found that guests (and even Sammy the Squirrel!) liked the new versions just as much.

Next, we looked toward gluten sensitivities and conditions like celiac disease and made all of our fryers naturally gluten-free. That means that we use alternative flours, like chickpea or rice flour, to make foods with breading instead of making them with products that are altered to be gluten-free.

Waiter serves food to family with food allergies at Great Wolf Lodge

Send Us Your Food-Related Guideline Requests and Be Worry Free

On the Great Wolf Lodge website, you can send an email directly to the chef about your food allergies:

  • Go to your Great Wolf Lodge location-specific page.
  • Navigate to “Dining.”
  • Navigate to “Hungry as a Wolf.”
  • Send your request to the provided email address.

Or, upon your arrival at the lodge, talk to our front desk or restaurant staff. The chef or sous chef will come out to speak to you directly about what you like and what foods are a problem for you, and they are the only people that will handle any food-allergic guest’s food. From the moment you order to delivery at your table, our chefs are trained to handle the food completely away from allergens using a separate space and separate cookware.

At any given time, we have at least 3-4 people (sometimes more) onsite that are capable of handling food allergy meals. Our chefs, sous chefs, and staff are fully trained and well-equipped to deal with a variety of allergies and dietary needs. We take our time to accommodate each and every guest with allergies, and we’ll work with you to create a safe meal no matter how many allergies you have—because we want your vacation to be safe, stress-free, and focused on fun.

While we do pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate food allergies, it’s also about more than that. Being on vacation doesn’t have to mean giving up nutritious meals free from chemicals and artificial ingredients (because healthy kids have way more energy for the pool). We know you want to know about what’s in the food you’re eating, so we strip out artificial colors and preservatives from our foods. (For example, our mac and cheese is colored with turmeric, not artificial coloring.) We use organic ketchup, organic juice, and non-GMO fruit. We also use non-GMO fryer oil and non-GMO potatoes to make our French fries.

We’re not on a health crusade—but we pride ourselves on offering a way for people to make dietary choices that they feel are right for their families. Our hope is that by personalizing and customizing the food we serve, our guests and their families can truly have a stress-free vacation together—because less time worrying means more time for fun.


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