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Would You Ever Attempt to Build a Waterslide Inside Your Home? The Crosby Family Did!


What’s the wildest idea your Dad has ever dreamed up? Has he ever suggested turning your house into an actual water park? How do you think your Mom would feel about that idea?

Full of ambition, the Crosby family decided do just that! Together, they took the plunge and turned this wild water park dream into a reality from inside their home.

Check out the video below to see whether they managed to pull it off or if they found themselves dealing with a soggy catastrophe!

Remember, this activity should only be performed under adult supervision. No kids should attempt to build their own indoor water slide without Mom or Dad present!

While we all know Great Wolf Lodge for its water slide adventures, our resorts have so much more to offer. In addition to building the water slide, the Crosby’s decided to recreate even more fun at the lodge from the comfort of home.

Check out all the activities they did, from a rubber duck race to a rock scavenger hunt in the links and videos below. Pick out the ones you want to do together as a family. To go along with the video, here’s a suggested itinerary for a full day of family fun you can do together:

Eggs in a Basket Recipe

eggs in a basket - Would You Ever Attempt to Build a Waterslide Inside Your Home? The Crosby Family Did!


08:15 AM: Howl if you’re hungry! Next up on the family agenda is an early morning experiment with our famous Eggs in a Basket recipe. Claire even sings a special song for the occasion! Sing along with her as you recreate the experience with your family. Check out the instructions below:

eggs in a basket recipe

Download the PDF

Make sure to read our full article for some fun variations to the popular dish. You can also see how the Crosby family approaches our eggs-in-a-basket recipe below.

The Crosby kids use a flower-shaped cookie cutter for their dish, but remember there are tons of other options to choose from. The video begins at the 04:34 mark with their time in the kitchen.

Check out our eggs-in-a-basket-recipe here!


DIY Wolf Costume

diy wolf tails - Would You Ever Attempt to Build a Waterslide Inside Your Home? The Crosby Family Did!


09:35 AM: Once the kids have taken some time to digest, they’re ready to continue on with our list of activities. Our DIY wolf tail activity is the perfect way to channel any remaining early morning energy and spend some creative quality time with the little ones. All it takes is some yarn, a pair of scissors and a hair brush. Jump to the 05:46 in the video to see how much fun the Crosby kids had putting their wolf tails together.

To make it easy for the kids to follow along, we’ve put together a post with instructions on how to complete the wolf tail activity.

It’s the perfect addition to the pair of wolf ears they received from a previous trip to Great Wolf Lodge. These little wolves love their tails so much, they keep them on for the whole day. Howls!

Check out our DIY wolf costume project here!


Oliver’s Mining

olivers rocks - Would You Ever Attempt to Build a Waterslide Inside Your Home? The Crosby Family Did!


10:45 AM: Congratulations on creating your very own wolf tail! By now, it’s probably time get out into the great outdoors. Our popular rock collecting exercise is a great way to keep the kids entertained out of the house. Follow along with the Crosby’s by jumping to the 06:38 mark!

If you want to incorporate some healthy competition into the activity, put on a timer like the Crosby family did. Who can gather the most rocks in 15 minutes? Use the following template to help the kids keep track of their collections!

rock collection discover list template


Download the PDF

Head inside and give your rocks a good rinse like the Crosby family did. Pick out your favorite and give it a special name! You can decorate your rock with paint, stickers, yarn or anything else you may have around the house.

This activity is not just designed to be tons of fun, but educational as well. It will help introduce the little ones to math, science and art. You could even expand on these subjects and turn the activity into a fun project for home school!

In our blog post we show you what to do from a-z, so you’ll definitely want to check it out if you’re doing this activity.

Learn more about our rock collecting exercise here!


Ducky 500

ducky 500 - Would You Ever Attempt to Build a Waterslide Inside Your Home? The Crosby Family Did!


01:15 PM: Make the most of your time outdoors with one of Dad’s favorite activities. Watch the Crosby family make their very own water slide in preparation for the Ducky 500 by skipping to 09:05 in the video. As you can see, it might take a few attempts to get your angle just right.

Remember, you want to have enough water so that the ducks can float freely down the slide. Use your phone like the Crosby family did to time the race. Can you beat the Crosby record? They completed the race in just 14 seconds!

Ducky 500 activity sheet


Download the PDF

If you want the complete details on how this is done, check out the full article before you begin for more information regarding instructions and materials.
Check out our Ducky-500 activity here!


Pajama Dance Party

pajama party


06:45 PM: Time for a before-bed exercise! In this last activity, the Crosby family suits up for an unforgettable pajama dance party with a purple and gold disco ball and custom made microphones.

They even make up their own special dance for the event. Start watching at 15:56 to see the Crosby’s perform the unforgettable Great Wolf Stomp. You can also start accessorizing the room by gathering the following materials:

Read our pajama party post for more detailed instructions on how to prepare for the evening bash. There, we’ll show you how to decorate your dance floor for the special event. In the video, you’ll see how the Crosby family was able to hang a disco ball in the living room and distribute DIY-microphones to each of the kids.

Grab some markers, colored pencils, or even some paint so that everyone can personalize their accessories. There’s only one word the Crosby kids use to describe this activity: fun!

Learn how to create the ultimate pajama party here!


That’s it for the Crosby family! As you can see there are plenty of fun activities you can do with your family both indoors and outdoors.  Be sure to check back in with us soon to learn about more of our planned adventures.

You can explore which ones you may want to try for yourself by visiting our blog. You can also visit us at the lodge! Make sure to read our Paw Pledge before your trip. There, you’ll find important information detailing how we’ve committed to keeping your family safe while you play.

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