Mel Datugan - Night In With My Kids

Mel Datugan – Night In With My Kids

Family fun building a wolf den and making s’mores together

As a mother of two young boys, Mel Datugan knows the importance of keeping the kids entertained at home. She also knows the value of spending quality family time together. Recently, the famous family vlogger decided to team up with Great Wolf Lodge and try some of our most popular activities.

Mel and her family wanted to spend a fun afternoon together, and they went through the activities here on our blog and chose to embark on an indoor camping adventure.

As you know, the two best parts of camping are hanging out in a tent and enjoying that famous fireside s’mores ritual!

Check out the video to see how much fun they had on their indoor camping extravaganza, and click the blog links below to learn how you can recreate these same activities at home with your family.

Make Some S’mores in the Oven!

First, you’ll see Mel and sons Luca and Julian take a stab at our very own S’mores-in-the-Oven recipe! What do you think of their indoor camping adventure? If you’re interested in recreating this experience for yourself, make sure to check out the instructions below! You can also find a more detailed run through by reading the full article.

Check out the s’mores post here!

smores in the oven recipe

Download the PDF


More Family Fun Inside Your Very Own Wolf Den

Watch the family continue with their indoor camping extravaganza! Using simple materials found around the house, they are able to create a cozy Wolf Den right in the middle of the house! Check out our list of suggested materials below to introduce your family to something similar.

Remember, building your den is only half the fun. Think of fun ways you can enjoy your creation. Watch a movie on a laptop or cozy on up and read some stories together just like we do at Great Wolf Lodge.  We’ve even created a post on how you can create fun bedtime stories the whole family will enjoy.

Be sure to check out the full article for more ways to enjoy your Wolf Den!

Find out how to make a wolf den here!

family fun

Download the PDF

We hope you enjoyed watching our original activities unfold in real life! Make sure to visit our blog for more ideas on how to keep the kids entertained at home. If you are interested in visiting Great Wolf Lodge, make sure to check out our Paw Pledge. In it, you’ll find important information detailing how we’ve committed to keeping  your family safe while you play.

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