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Ducky 500 – Rubber Ducky Races at Home!

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Looking to bring a little more excitement to a sunny day at home? Think about embracing a little competition. Our Ducky 500 Experience incorporates speed, cooperation and critical thinking. While this event has traditionally taken place at the lodge, we’ve tailored the instructions so that you can recreate the fun at home! Build your slide, send your drivers down and take bets on who will reach the finish line first!

Keep reading for more information on how to get started.

Rubber Duck Race Materials

Our rubber duck race activity only requires a few materials. First, you’ll want to track down one or two rolls of aluminum foil to create your river. The more you have, the longer your slide and the more speed your racer will gain. You can purchase a few rolls at your local convenience store. You’ll probably be able to find some around the house as well if you’re looking for free options.

Ducky 500 - Rubber Ducky Races at Home!

Next up are the drivers themselves. We’re talking about the rubber ducks, of course! Check out the nearest toy store for some toy ducks. If that’s not a convenient option, you can always shop around online. You’ll also want to gather up some waterproof markers for the race. Ask each member of your racing community to decorate their own rubber duck for the big race!

Lastly, you’ll want to print out our Ducky 500 badges. The first is reserved for the Grand Marshall, or timekeeper. This person will be responsible for starting the race, manning the stopwatch, and ultimately determining who wins. The second badge is to be worn by the winner once the race is over! You can find the printable PDF’s by clicking below:


duck race winner and marshal badges


Download the Winner badge here

Download the Marshal badge here

Once you’re done prepping for the big rubber duck race, head outside and let the adventure begin!

Remember, you’ll need a water source nearby to grease up your slide, so please station yourself near the hose.

If that’s not an option, you can always use the facilities at a nearby park!

races instructions

Rubber Duck Race Instructions

Print out the instructions here

Ducky 500 - Rubber Ducky Races at Home!

1. Unroll your aluminum foil until it’s twice as long as the river you’d like to build. Fold it in half to create two layers. Fold up the sides to create a river for the ducky!

2. Set up your foil river in a spot with a slight incline that the hose can reach.  For example, you can drape the foil over a chair, stump or whatever else you think will support a good angle for the water to flow downwards. It’s important to create a significant enough slope so that your rubber ducks will continue moving towards the finish line and not get stuck somewhere along the way!

3. Have the kids help place rocks or other heavy items along the river to create obstacles for the ducks and keep the river from blowing away.

How to Play

1. Turn the hose on and place it at the top of the river. Remember, your rubber ducks will need a certain amount of water to complete the race, so it’s important to be generous with the flow.

2. Assign one team member to be the timekeeper (Grand Marshal) and have them start the clock when you’re ready to send the ducks down. They should also set a goal for how quickly your ducks need to win the race. Make sure they remember to stop the timer when they reach the bottom!

3. You probably won’t beat your goal time on the first try, and that’s ok! Work as a team to make adjustments to the river you can move rocks around, adjust the slope, or even turn up the water pressure. Remember to turn off the hose to save water between runs!

4. Once you beat your time, the Ducky 500 is complete! But you can keep playing with your river as long as you like.

5. Celebrate your winner! While the achievement is a prize in and of itself, it could be fun to think of a few great prizes to hand them in advance of the win!  If you want more fun activities like this, you should check out our Trailblazer Challenge here.

We hope you had a blast participating in the Ducky 500! Visit us again soon for more ideas on how to have fun at home with the family. If you’re curious about visiting Great Wolf Lodge, be sure to read our Paw Pledge. We’re committed to keeping your family safe while you play!

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