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Create the Ultimate Pajama Dance Party at Home

Do the words Great Wolf Stomp mean anything to you? Well, they will once you get to the end of this post. Welcome to the Great Wolf Lodge dance party!

To help break up long days at home, we’re bringing you some of our favorite activities to do with the whole family. Our pajama dance parties are at the top of the list, with the opportunity to work together, get a little exercise in and most importantly, have fun!

If you’re unsure of how to get things started, take a look at the video below.  We teamed up with the Crosby family who spent an entire day participating in some of our original activities and decided to wind things down with a little song and dance.

The family fun took them into the kitchen, outside and all around! Before calling it a day, they got together for the ultimate pajama dance party. Take a peak into their experience and see just how easy it is to get into the groove, family style. The video below covers a whole day of events, but you can jump to minute 16:51 for the dance party:


Of course, no dance party would be complete without a little ambiance and some tunes.  Here’s a playlist we created specifically for their pj dance party:

Before they got to dancing though, the Crosby kids had a blast decorating a disco ball for the party and their own individual microphones. Learn how to create your own dance party must-haves so that there’s never a dull moment.

Pajama Dance Party Must Haves

1. Microphone

Find out how to make your very own microphone with this simple guide. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, some tape, aluminum foil, string, scissors along with some markers, stickers or whatever else you want to decorate your mic with! Check out our instructions below.


There are two ways you can create the bottom part of your microphone. The first way is to simply use the cardboard tube from the center of a roll of toilet paper (don’t waste toilet paper though). Use markers and stickers to decorate it just like the Crosby kids did.

The second way to create the bottom part is to take a piece of construction paper and roll it up, starting with the short edge. Use tape to hold it together, then use markers and stickers to decorate it.

make microphone


Crumple up a large piece of aluminum foil and mold it into a ball with a tapered base, similar to the shape of a light-bulb. The base needs to be thick enough to fit snugly inside the bottom part of your microphone, and the ball part should be a little thicker than that. If you need to make the top part thicker, wrap another piece of foil around it.

Once you’ve sculpted the top part, carefully fit it into the bottom part. If it’s the right size, the top part should stay put.

step 2


Cut a long piece of string or yarn and tape one end of it to the inside of the microphone’s bottom part. The string should hang below the microphone. Now it’s time to kick off your dance party!

2. Disco Ball

We’ll also show you how to create a disco ball for the party. Once you’re done, hang it up and get ready to rock around in your pajamas! For this one, you’ll need either a styrofoam ball or some aluminum foil to use as your base. You’ll also want to gather some glue, tape, scissors, string and sequins. Follow our instructions below:


The inside of the disco ball needs to be light-weight so it doesn’t fall! You can use a styrofoam ball, or crumple up foil into a tight sphere. If you use multiple pieces of foil, make sure to tape it up so it doesn’t fall apart!

disco material 1


Secure your wire or string to the ball. For string, wrap it around the center of the ball and tie a knot. For wire, wrap it around then twist the two ends together. To make sure they don’t fall off, tape it down all the way round. Make sure you leave at least 20 inches to hang from!


Cover the ball in a layer of aluminum foil, cutting off the excess if you need to. Make sure your string is still sticking out.


The fun part! Attach your sequins one-by-one with tiny dots of glue. You can make a pattern with colors or do it randomly! If you’re using glitter (or you just want to get the job done quickly), coat the ball with a layer of glue, then dip it in a bowl of glitter or sequins until it’s covered.  This is what the Crosby’s chose to do with purple and gold glitter, and it turned out great.

disco material 2


Let it dry, then hang it anywhere on your dance floor using tape or by tying it to something. Get the dance party started!

3. Dance Party Accessories

Don’t forget to use some of these printable props. These jazzy glasses, bow ties and camera will be the perfect compliment to your dancing shoes! Try to match each prop to the song you’re listening to!

4. Create a Playlist

All that’s left to do is decide on the music. Get the family together and create a playlist of your favorite songs. Let everyone get a few picks in. You can decide on a theme or combine genres. All that matters is that the music helps get you moving!

If you’re having a hard time deciding on songs, check out our original playlist that we mentioned above.  If that doesn’t quite do it for you though, we’ve created a separate playlist for family road trips with classics such as ‘ABC’ from the Jackson 5, and ‘Surfin’ U.S.A.’ from The Beach Boys.  We’re sure one of these lists will have enough hits to help get the party started.

Finally, it’s time to dance!  You now have everything you need for a fun pajama dance party.  Get ready to bust out your Great Wolf Stomp and see if you can keep up with the Crosby’s.  Make sure to let us know how the party went on social media by tagging us.

We hope you had a rocking good time just like the Crosby’s did!  Be sure to check back in with us soon for more things to do at home. You can also check in with us about visiting one of our lodges. Read our Paw Pledge to see how Great Wolf Lodge has committed to keeping your family safe while you play.

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