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Water Park Safety Rules

Important, Please Read:


  • Children less than 48 inches tall MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult chaperone.
  • Guests must be 48 inches tall to participate without a chaperone.
  • Participant’s maximum weight cannot exceed 300 pounds.
  • Participants must safely fit in the harness.
  • Proper attire is required.
    • Shoes must be closed-toe with rubber soles, such as athletic shoes. No flip-flops or open heel shoes are permitted. Shoe laces must be tied.
    • Loose, comfortable, casual clothing that covers you and allows you to move around, such as T-shirts, long pants or long shorts, should be worn.
    • Secure all loose articles prior to participating. Pockets must be empty. No cell phones, cameras or objects that can fall from the course are permitted.
  • Food, drinks and gum are prohibited.
  • Follow all directions from the attending staff.
  • Only one participant on an activity at a time, unless a chaperone is assisting their child.
  • Sling line should stay in front of you and in between your shoulder blades at all times.
  • Do not touch the overhead tracking system or tamper with your harness or sling line.
  • No horseplay, running, jumping or falling on purpose is permitted.
  • This is a high-thrill attraction. Riders will experience high acceleration and deceleration while traveling forward, backward, and side to side.