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Snowland Road Trip Game

The holidays are here but not everyone celebrates in the same way. Check out our list of winter Would You Rather questions to see what seasonal traditions you gravitate towards. You can play this special Snowland Road Trip game on your way to the next holiday celebration!

holiday would you rather questions

Scan through the images below to begin the game. See who shares the same likes, and who doesn’t!

Winter Would You Rather Questions

winter would you rather questions

What kind of snowy creation do you prefer?

winter would you rather questions

What kind of gift would you rather be given?

winter would you rather questions for kids

Do you prefer a traditional Candy Cane or a chocolate-covered Peppermint Patty?

would you rather questions winter

Do you prefer traditional white lights or something a little more colorful?

winter would you rather questions

What kind of sweet treat are you craving this season?

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We hope you enjoyed these winter Would You Rather questions! If you enjoyed this game, be sure to check out the Thanksgiving edition. You can also explore the rest of our blog for more ways to celebrate the holidays. Listed below are a few of our favorite festive activities:

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