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LIVE with the Lodge: New Year’s Eve Dance Party

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Great Wolf Lodge. We’re bringing in 2022 the best way we know how. That’s right, it’s time for another one of our signature dance parties!

Put on your dancing shoes and tune in to our Facebook Live on 12/31 at 7 PM EST to ring in the new year with style. We’ll be hitting the dance floor with 10 different dances, from disco to the cha-cha.

Don’t worry about being able to keep up, the dances last just one minute each. Check out the list below to learn more about what moves will help us bring in the new year.

Learn More About Our New Year’s Eve Dances

1. Disco

nye dance

Disco is a dance style that emerged out of the urban nightlight scene during the 1970s. Today, we can easily recognize some signature moves including side-stepping, pivot turns, foot stamps, and shoulder rocks. If the kids do well with this one, it may be time to sit down for a viewing of Saturday Night Fever!

2. Hip Hop

new years eve dance

Hip-hop is a style of movement characterized by the beats, bounces, and rocks found in hip-hop music. The style also originated during the 1970s and has deep historical and social roots in African American culture. Popular styles include breaking (or break dancing), lyrical, and funk.

3. Rock n’ Roll

new year

Rock n’ Roll music may have originated during the 1950s, but the dance moves associated with it were around long before. The style revolves around a 4-beat step, which requires a lot of arm movement but not so much leg work. If you get lost, just let the rhythm guide you!

4. The Waltz

new year eve dance

We hope you’re ready for something a little more formal. The Waltz is a popular ballroom dance that can be traced back to the 13th century. It consists of six steps that form the shape of a box, but don’t get intimidated by the details. It’s actually one of the easiest ballroom dance styles to learn!

5. Swing Dance

new year eve dance

Swing dancing emerged during the 1920s and is often performed to jazz music. The style first took off in dance halls across Harlem, some of which were dubbed the “home to happy feet.” Popular styles include the Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag.

6. County

new years eve dance party

Also known as “kicker dancing” in Texas, country western dances are typically performed in groups or pairs. In fact, this is so often the case that the style is also known as “social dance.” Some of the most popular examples include line and square dancing.

7. Ballet

jye dance party

Ballet is one of the most theatrical dances on this list. Most often performed on stage and in costume, the dance is commonly used to communicate narratives and classic stories like The Nutcracker or The Sleeping Beauty. Of course, not all ballet dances have a storyline. Some are simply designed to create an image or provoke emotion. Signature elements of this dance include pointe work, body lines, and speed.

8. The Cha-Cha

new years eve dance party

The Cha-Cha was first introduced to the United States in 1954, eventually replacing the Mambo as the country’s most popular dance. It’s usually performed to Latin music and is recognized by its 4/4 beat, small steps, and varied hip movements.

9. The Tik Tok Bestie Dance

Now, this one is definitely a more modern introduction compared to some of the other styles featured on this list. The Tik Tok Bestie Dance was inspired by hip-hop and other styles. This dance is all about fast leg movements, jumps, and some acrobatics. Check out the video to learn how to perform it from home.

10. Freestyle

new years eve dance

Now it’s time for you to decide! Perform your favorite kind of dance listed above, a combination style, or simply make up some original moves!

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We hope you’re prepared for our New Year’s Even dance party! Let us know your favorite style in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out virtual dance party instructions for even more moves. You can also explore our blog for other activities to do from home. We’ve got science experiments, trivia, recipes, and so much more!

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