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6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

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It’s that time of year again! We’re here to help you create some unforgettable family moments this holiday season. Make the most of your time at home by participating in some of our favorite activities. From homemade snow to hot chocolate spoons, we’ve found a way to spotlight all the seasonal staples.

We’ve also provided a few different ways to interact with family and friends who aren’t able to visit this year. Stay connected to those who are social distancing this holiday by setting up a family photo booth and sending over your favorites shots. You can even hop on a video call and build a snowman with loved ones near and far. Our simple instructions make it easy to follow along!

There are tons of ways to make the most out of this holiday season. Check out the list below to get started.

6 Fantastic Holiday Activities for Kids to Make the Season Special

Create lasting holiday memories with your loved ones at home. Use our six creative ideas to make the time you share even more special!

1. Snowland Photo Booth

About 2 hours

snowlandphotobooth g 34Dgb - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

Photos are a great way to capture family memories, special occasions, or just every day! Create your own photo booth at home with a backdrop, tripod, and our fun printable accessories. Glue them onto wooden skewers to use during your shoot! You can also set the scene using a wintry tinsel backdrop, balloon garland, hanging white paper snowflakes, and more.

Have fun going through the photos you take as a family. Vote for your favorite and use it as your holiday card! Use the opportunity to spread some holiday cheer to family and friends social distancing this season.

- 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

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2. Hot Chocolate Spoons

About 45 minutes

gwl nov dec 1064 - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

Hot chocolate spoons are a fun, kid-friendly way to make everyone’s favorite holiday treat! Enjoy a variety of flavors by peppering in some of your favorite ingredients. You can even wrap them up as reindeer and give them away as gifts!

Materials Needed:

  • Silver Spoons/Plastic Spoons/Popsicle Sticks
  • 1 Cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • 1 Cup Milk Chocolate Chips
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Googly Eyes
  • Red Pom-Poms
  • Brown Pipe Cleaners
  • Cellophane Bags

Step 1: Place chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and melt on high for 2 minutes. Take the bowl out every 30 seconds to mix.

Step 2: Take the chocolate out of the microwave when almost melted and let sit.

Step 3: Stir the chocolate mixture and place 1/3 cup into each pocket of the ice cube tray.

Step 4: Sprinkle your mini marshmallows across the top. Gently press into the chocolate mixture.

Step 5: Add spoons or sticks into the middle of each pocket.

Step 6: Place in the freeze for about 20 minutes to let set.

Step 7: Remove spoons from the freezer and place them in a cellophane bag. Create a reindeer face by gluing on googly eyes and red pom-poms for the nose. Twist a brown pipe cleaner around the bag to make antlers. Use our printable gift tags to personalize each item!

3. Snowman in a Bag

About 15 minutes

gwl snowman blog - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

This fun indoor activity allows you to make a snowman friend that won’t melt away come spring! The best part? You probably already have all the materials you need to make it.

Materials Needed:

  • Orange Construction Paper
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Brown Construction Paper
  • White Construction Paper
  • Shaving Cream
  • Googly Eyes
  • Ziploc Bag

Step 1: Make a mouth for your snowman by cutting out circles from the black construction paper.

Step 2: Make a nose for your snowman by cutting out a triangle from the orange construction paper.

Step 3: Use white and brown construction paper to make the wolf ears.

Step 4: Figure out where you want to position your googly eyes on the bag and attach with glue.

Step 5: Squeeze some shaving cream into the bag. Secure shut and enjoy your creation!

4. Snowland Face Painting

About 30 minutes

candycane blogimages gRYWR - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

Face painting is always fun super easy to do on the kids. Buy a face painting kit of your choice, then check out our carousel below or look online for inspiration. There are so many different ideas and tutorials!

Step 1: Start by outlining your lightest color first.

candycane blogimages 87uUs - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

Step 2: Fill in the large open spaces with color.

candycane blogimages jlRYk - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

Step 3: Add in your details with a darker-colored crayon. We used red. Ta-Da!

candycane blogimages gRYWR - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

Tip from our pack: We like having both the paint crayons and palettes. The crayons are easier to make outlines and then the paint is great to fill them in.

5. Two-Ingredient Fake Snow

About 45 minutes

- 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

Here’s a chance to play with snow inside the house! This homemade snow feels real and is fun to play with. Create your own winter wonderland at home using just two ingredients!

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Can Shaving Cream
  • 2 Lb. Box Baking Soda
  • Large Bowl

Step 1: Pour the entire box of baking soda into your mixing bowl.

Step 2: Add a little shaving cream into the bowl and knead it into the baking soda. Mix and repeat until the mixture becomes a snow-like consistency.

Tip from our pack: Add in translucent glitter to add some sparkle to your snow!

6. Snowland Luminaries

About 10 minutes

luminaire4 - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

These luminaries are easy to make with the kids and will glow beautifully with your other holiday decorations. They are perfect to display for the entire winter season.

Materials Needed:

  • Mason Jars (an odd number and a mix of sizes make the most flattering arrangement)
  • Glitter (white iridescent works well)
  • Clear Adhesive Spray (best used outside for safe ventilation)
  • Flameless Tea Lights
  • Epsom Salt
  • Mod Podge
  • Twine
  • Brush

Step 1: Pour 1 tablespoon of glitter into a large bowl. Add 1 cup of Epsom salt and combine.

luminaire2 - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

Step 2: Coat your mason jar with a thin, even layer of Mod Podge. Make sure you don’t leave any gaps, or you’ll have “bald” spots on your jar! Also, don’t make it too thick otherwise it will start to drip once you add your mixture.

Step 3: Sprinkle your glitter and salt around the jar until evenly covered. Place on a covered surface and let dry for about an hour. Pro Tip: We recommend using a clear adhesive spray to “set” the Epsom salts and seal them. Without this step, the salt will start to flake off the jar.

luminaire3 - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

Step 4: Add decorative ribbon and or twine to the top of the jar. You can add additional elements like ornaments or even jingle bells for a festive touch.

Step 5: Create a festive setting by placing the mason jars on a charger or rustic log to finalize the look.

Step 6: Add a woodland friend to the arrangement to join in the fun.

luminaire5 - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

Step 7: Place one flameless candle into each jar.

Step 8: Turn off the lights, and enjoy the glow!

luminaire6 - 6 Awesome Holiday Activities for Kids

We hope you and your family had a great time with our holiday crafts and activities! Great Wolf Lodge is dedicated to creating family traditions, one family at a time. This holiday season, we’re looking to take that mission out of the lodge and into your home. Don’t forget to check in with us each week for more fun craft ideas, party games, kids’ activities, and more!

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