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Easy Steps to Draw Sammy Squirrel!

Sammy Squirrel is a fun-loving character you’ll find at our Great Wolf Lodge locations. Friendly and creative, Sammy is a welcoming face for all our visitors!

Learn how to recreate Sammy’s signature bushy squirrel tail at home this fall. Follow our easy, step-by-step instructions to draw your very own squirrel.

image 1 - Easy Steps to Draw Sammy Squirrel!

Step #1

Start with the face! Simply draw a curved, rounded line.

Step #2

Add ears! Then draw the rounded shape of body.

Step #3

On to paws and legs!

Step #4

Add in the tail, the most distinguishing feature of a squirrel.

Step #5

image - Easy Steps to Draw Sammy Squirrel!

Add in additional details, including eyes, a mouth, and claws, using information from the visual above.

There you have it! Your very own Sammy Squirrel. Ready for more? Find the steps to draw your very own version of Wiley Wolf!

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