Drawing a Wolf

How to Draw a Wolf – DIY!

Wolves are magical creatures, with lots of unique markings and characteristics! Learn how to draw your own wolf at home following our easy, step-by-step instructions. When you are done drawing your wolf, add in colors and traits to make it your own!


  1. Begin by drawing three circles. The small one will form the wolf’s head, the large one its chest, and the medium-sized one its hips or haunches.
  2. Sketch the wolf’s head and neck using a series of curved lines. On top of the small circle, sketch the forehead and open mouth. Enclose the triangular nose and teeth. Use a series of curved lines of various lengths that meet at jagged points to form the furry underside of the neck.
  3. Use curved lines to form the triangular shape of the ear, detailed with additional curved lines. Connect the ear to the large circle using a curved line.
  4. Erase guidelines from the head. Connect the larger circles with curved lines, forming the back and belly of the wolf. Then, extend a long-curved line to begin the tail.
  5. Draw a smaller circle within the large circle. Then, draw three small circles below the body, with a curved line beneath each. These guidelines will help you to sketch the legs realistically.
  6. Draw pairs of curved lines between the circles indicating the shoulder and hips, the circles that form the knees, and the curved lines of the feet.
  7. Erase the guideline circles, leaving a clean outline of the wolf. Use overlapping curved lines that meet at jagged points to complete the furry underside of the tail. Use additional curved lines to enclose the remaining foreleg and each of the paws.
  8. Detail the toes with curved lines. Draw a curved triangular claw at the tip of each
draw wolf 1 - How to Draw a Wolf - DIY!
draw wolf 2 - How to Draw a Wolf - DIY!
draw wolf 3 - How to Draw a Wolf - DIY!
draw wolf 5 - How to Draw a Wolf - DIY!
draw wolf 6 - How to Draw a Wolf - DIY!
draw wolf 7 - How to Draw a Wolf - DIY!

Erase any stray lines or marks and there you have it—your very own wolf! Grab crayons or colored pencils to add in more color and personality. You can draw a backdrop for your wolf, including a moon, cave, or tree in the wild.

You can also print out a coloring page of our personal favorite wolf—Wiley! Share your creations with friends and loved ones in preparation for your next trip to the Lodge.

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