Wolf Quiz

What Kind of Wolf are You?

There are many different types of wolves in the wild, and each has their own set of character traits that help make them unique. Majestic, wild, and wonderful, wolves are an important part of the Animal Kingdom that we celebrate at Great Wolf Lodge. Just like our ourselves and our loved ones, wolves have many personality traits to be understood and respected.

What do you know about different types of wolves and which pack do you think you’d belong to? Take our Wolf Personality Quiz to discover where you would thrive in the wild!

1.  What type of climate do you prefer?

a. Very cold (all the time!)

b. Hot in the summer, cold in the winter

c. Warm and dry

d. Hot and sunny

2. As a wolf, where would you like to live?

a. A nice, cozy cave

b. A strong, hollow tree in the shade

c. A dug-out cozy home in the ground

d. A dug-out home, hidden under a boulder

3. Where would you prefer to live on the globe?

a. Near the cold Arctic

b. Southeast of North America

c. Middle of North America

d. South America

4. What type of wolf fur would you like to have?

a. White

b. Red

c. White/grey with colorful markings

d. Light-brown and grey

5. What word best describes your wolf style?

a. Curious

b. Cautious

c. Brave

d. Quiet

6. What is a unique trait that describes you as a wolf?

a. I am mysterious! I live in the dark for part of the year

b. I love family time! My pack is strong

c. I can eat a ton! Between 20-30lbs of food in one meal

d. I am small…but incredibly fast!

7. Which best describes your wolf size?

a. Medium-sized

b. A little small (but mighty!)

c. Big and strong!

d. Tiny, but cute!

Complete our Wolf Personality Quiz to discover what type of wolf you would be in the wild! No matter the size, speed, or place on our Earth, wolves are magical creatures—just like you! Learn more about wolves in our list of Top 10 Wolf Fun Facts.


If you picked mostly A’s, you’re an Artic Wolf! You’re a rare, medium-sized wolf with beautiful white fur. You are usually curious about humans rather than scared, also mysterious because you migrate in the wintertime when there is no light in the Arctic!

If you picked mostly B’s, you’re a Red Wolf! You are mostly found in the Southeast United States and you have a reddish coat. Friendlier than your coyote cousins but a bit shyer than a grey wolf, you are a very rare wolf.

If you picked mostly C’s, you’re a Great Plains Wolf! Also known as a Buffalo Wolf, you often have light-colored fur but often with black markings—how cool! You are especially rare, but highly respected as a strong and ferocious wolf in the wild.

If you picked mostly D’s, you’re a Grey Wolf, also known as a Mexican Wolf! You are the smallest of North America’s grey wolves with a light brown-grey coat mixed with black over your back and tail. You’re especially sociable and extremely fast. In fact, Grey Wolves often live in the areas near our lodges!

On your next trip to the Lodge, make sure to pack your favorite Wolf Personality! Share your results with friends and loved ones. Howls!

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