Learn How to Build a Snowman with Tips

Is it snowing outside right now? Or you just can’t wait for it to snow so you can build a snowman of your very own? Either way, let’s start off with some great tips to build a snowman.

Things you Need for a Snowman

  • Snow
  • Carrot for the nose
  • Branch for arms
  • Buttons or rocks for eyes
  • Gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm
  • Friends and family to help you lift and roll
  • Bonus: ears to look like the Wiley version of a snowman

Steps to make a snowman

  1. Find a spot for your snowman to stay. Make sure it’s shady if you want him to hang out for a long time!
  2. Pack a snowball with your hands to start off the bottom part of the snowman’s body.
    Scoop up a handful of snow, pack it together creating a round shape and keep going until the snowball is one about foot wide or gets too heavy.
  3. Roll the snowball in all directions round it out and make it bigger. The bigger the ball of snow, the bigger the snowman’s body is. Make sure to pat the snowball once in awhile so it sticks and doesn’t loosen up.
  4. Do the same for the middle section of the snowman but make sure it is slightly smaller than the bottom section.
  5. Repeat for the head
  6. Pack some snow in between each section so it blends, and the snowman can have a sturdy structured body.
  7. Stick the carrot in for the nose, branches for the arms and add in your snowman’s eyes and mouth!
  8. Bonus points if you shape special ears for your snowman to make it look like Wiley.

Find more winter facts on the Great Wolf blog as you wait for the snow to come.

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