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Create a DIY Water Slide for Kids

If you can’t make it to Great Wolf Lodge this summer, enjoy the next best thing with this DIY water slide activity. It’s a great way to keep the family entertained in the warm weather. By the time you finish, you’ll be left with hours of endless summer fun! Now, check out the instructions below.

Create The Ultimate Summer Slip N’ Slide

It doesn’t take much to construct the perfect summer slip and slide, and we would know. Great Wolf Lodge has water slide experts stationed all across the country.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You can collect most of the items at a dollar store or your local equivalent. Go through each of the steps below to create the ultimate DIY water slide this summer.

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Materials Needed:

  • Garden Hose
  • Pool Noodles
  • Dish Soap
  • Garden Staples
  • Duct Tape
  • Plastic Sheeting

Step 1: Find the Right Spot

DIY water slide

Get a thick, large roll of plastic sheeting to use as your DIY slide. We recommend using a 100-foot piece of tarp for a longer glide, but this depends on the size of your yard. You can also use something smaller when working in a more confined space.

Head out into the backyard and figure out where you want to set things up. You’ll want to position the top of the slide at the beginning of a hill or slight slope. Make sure there’s enough space behind the slide so that the kids can get a running start.

You can even put some chairs out for the adults to mimic our Racoon Lagoon, the ultimate outdoor paradise! 

Leave enough slack at the end so that the sliders have a chance to slow down once they reach a flatter surface. Otherwise, the kids will come to an abrupt and potentially painful stop somewhere on the grass. 

You’ll also need to ensure the slide is somewhere close enough to access the garden hose. Clear the area of all rocks and debris so that no one gets hurt during their turn.

Step 2: Create Some Bumpers

DIY slip n slide

Use pool noodles to create a soft barrier so that the kids don’t tumble off the track. The number of noodles you use depends on the size of your slide. Remember, a pool noodle typically measures 5 feet in length. 

Wrap the edges of the plastic around the noodles. Secure it in place using a 2-inch piece of velcro. Do this at both ends and in the middle of each noodle. 

You can also pick up some PVC pipe from the hardware store if you prefer to use a different material for your bumpers.

Step 3: Secure Your Slide

DIY water slides

Next, you’ll want to secure your slide in place. Stretch the material taut and smooth out all the wrinkles. This will make it even easier to glide down.

If you have enough slack, create a few folds in the tarp towards the top of the slide to help reinforce it against tears during use.

Remember, this area will get the most pull when the kids run and jump onto it.

Secure all four sides using garden staples or tent stakes. Cover each post with some duct tape to prevent them from being stepped on. You can use a bright color for the tape to make these points even harder to miss.

Step 4: Bring Out the Hose

DIY water activity with pool noodles

Time to bring in the water! Set up your garden hose at the top of the slide and let the water run down. You can also position some sprinklers along the sides of the slip n’ slide to help spread the water around. 

Step 5: Get it Your Slip and Slide Good and Slippery

DIY activities for memorial day

Slipperiness is one of the most important aspects of a homemade slip n’ slide. Apply baby soap or tear-free shampoo to the surface of the slide about every 30 minutes. Then, start sending your sliders down one by one.

Pro tip: Wear a bathing suit that slides easily and that you don’t mind getting dirty. You might get grass stains from sliding off the plastic, which can be difficult to wash out.

Step 6: Post Photos of the Fun to Social Media

homemade water slide

Don’t forget to take some pictures! Take shots of each other running and jumping down your newly constructed slide.

Post your favorite photo on social media and tag us @greatwolflodge!

Step 7: Clean-Up Time

Be sure to clean up once you’re done. While you don’t have to disassemble your slide immediately after use, you’ll probably want to take it down after a few days to protect the grass underneath. Keeping the plastic over the plant can cause it to brown, and repeated use can rip it from the earth.

This process can also protect the slide itself. Remember, the plastic can get dirty, ripped, and might even melt if left out in the heat and exposed to the elements for too long.

Taking these precautions will help your slip n’ slide last for an entire summer, saving you both time and money throughout the season.

Benefits of DIY Activities for Kids

While it’s fun to give the kids something new from the store, there is also tremendous value in helping them create their own entertainment. These kinds of activities can help boost moods and increase happiness among children. It’s also a great way to get them to focus on something specific.

DIY projects can provide some physical perks for kids as well. Each assignment can boost brain function and improve hand-eye coordination. Experts also believe that a hands-on DIY approach can help with dexterity.

Emotional benefits revolve around the promotion of creativity and critical thinking. The more license the kids are given to come up with activities on their own, the more confident and experimental they’ll likely become.

Problem-solving and decision-making skills are also exercised during these kinds of activities.

More DIY Water Activities from Great Wolf Lodge

Thanks for following along! Be sure to check out our blog for more fun projects you can do at home this summer. We have lots of things to do for all ages, from cooking, crafts, outdoor adventures, and more!

You can also visit us at the lodge. Each stay includes water park passes, lodge entertainment, and at-home comfort. Our indoor water park resorts offer family-friendly fun all across the country. From splashing to relaxing, there are slides and rides for every age and ability.

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