Obstacle Course for Kids - The Best Obstacle Course for Kids!

The Best Obstacle Course for Kids!

If you’re tired of hearing the kids tell you they’re bored, then keep reading! We’ve put together a few different ideas on how to create the ultimate obstacle course for kids. Each challenge designed to inspire movement, exercise problem-solving capabilities and strengthen fine motor skills. If you’re dealing with preschoolers or younger ages, check out these backyard obstacle courses for toddlers. We’ve even got an indoor obstacle course on the list. Now, let’s get started!

The Best Backyard Obstacle Courses for Kids

Obstacle Course - The Best Obstacle Course for Kids!

There’s a lot of obstacle course potential in the backyard. After all, it’s both spacious and void of breakable items. Each of the kids’ obstacle course ideas listed below is suited to a different theme. Throw out a few options and see which one the kids want to try first!

Water Balloon Obstacle Course

Best entertained during the summer season, this water balloon obstacle course is sure to be a hit! Like any backyard obstacle course, it has the potential to get a little messy, so tell all your participants to bring a swimsuit!

1. Water Balloon Piñatas

The first activity is water balloon piñatas. Fill up your water balloons about halfway to capacity. Tie some string around the knot and hang them from a higher surface (if you have a swing set, the monkey bars are a great place to start). Have the kids form a line. Give the first in line a plastic bat and tell them to start swinging. If you want to blindfold them, you can. If not, you can simply tell them to close their eyes!

2. Water Slide

Grab a few pitchers of water and place them at the top of your slide. Place either a kiddie pool or an inflatable boat at the bottom. Fill with water. Pour a pitcher full of water down the top of the slide and send the kids down one by one!

3. Water Relay

Create a station for each participant where you position two buckets of water on either end of the yard. Fill the first bucket up with water. Give each of the kids an empty water glass. Ask them to dunk the glass into the bucket until it fills with water. Then, have them run across the yard and dump it in the empty bucket. The idea is to transfer all the water from the first bucket to the second. The first to do so wins!

Birthday Party Obstacle Course

Celebrate someone’s special day with this obstacle course for kids. Mark each station with balloons and give each participant a number by adding some painters tape to their T-shirt. At the end of the course, hold an award ceremony and present a homemade pendant to each of the kids. Then, enjoy presents and cake!

1. Buried Treasure

Before the guests arrive, bury a few small treasures in the sandbox. Create a pathway to the box using tires, or hula hoops. When the kids arrive, ask them to jump through each hula hoop and start digging! The first to find the treasure can move on to the next step!

2. Hurdle Action

For this next activity, you’ll want to create some DIY hurdles using two paint cans and a jump rope. Then, lay down some pool noodles for the children to jump over. You can also include a few play tunnels for them to crawl through (if you don’t have any, you can always pick some up at the store).

3. Backyard Balance

Remember, it never hurts to get creative with your materials. Finish things up with some balance beams. You can use a wooden plank, an old rolled-up rug, or other materials you might find around the house. See if anyone can make it down the beam backward! The first to finish this challenge without falling down can move onto one of the next activities.

Sidewalk Obstacle Course

This next course shows that you don’t need to have a backyard to put together an awesome obstacle course for kids! Simply head out onto the street and sketch out each activity.

1. Run The Dotted Line

Draw a few dotted lines using some sidewalk chalk. This pattern should let the kids know they have to run during this portion of the obstacle course.

2. Twirly Path

Next, draw a squiggly line for the kids to trace with their feet. The sharper the angles, the harder it will be to follow!

3. Spin, Spin Spin!

Now, draw a huuuuge circle. Once the kids get to this point in the obstacle course, everyone will have to spin around five times. See who has a hard time staying inside the circle once they stop spinning!

4. Froggy Jumps

Use your chalk to draw a few smaller circles, spaced a few feet away. Let the kids know they’ll have to jump from one circle to the next. If you want to make things more challenging for them, you can gradually space them further away from one another!

Thanks for checking out our obstacle courses for kids! Remember, there are lots of different ways you can set up an obstacle course, so don’t be afraid to get original! Turn your backyard into a training camp, embark on a scavenger hunt, or whatever else you think the family will enjoy. The idea is to have fun. Be sure to visit our blog for more obstacles, activities, and DIY projects.

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