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Fort Mackenzie

This water tree fort provides endless fun.

Explore all the levels splash-crazy fun in the best water fort tree house you’ve ever seen. Delight in the interactive water toys and kid-activated splash features. Escape via the Totem Tower body slides to start all over again. And listen for the bell; when it rings, the gigantic bucket on top is ready to tip!

View Safety Rules 
  • Water is less than six inches deep.
  • Please walk. Guests may not run in or around the structure.
  • A supervising companion should accompany children at all times.
    • The supervising companion must be 14 years of age or older and meet all posted attraction requirements.
    • "Supervising companion" is understood to mean a person who is responsible for assuring that the child will comply with all applicable rules and regulations for the attraction.
  • The water bucket dumps about 350 gallons of water. Use caution when standing directly under the bucket area.
  • Do not hang from pull ropes or climb on to water toys.
  • Do not spray water outside of the structure into seating areas.
  • Failure to abide by these rules may result in injury to yourself and others and could result in removal from the water park.