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37 Fun Things To Do In Kansas City in 2024

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What city ranks second only to Rome with its number of fountains? Kansas City, of course! This Midwestern destination is also known for its barbecue restaurants, craft breweries, and more. Kansas City, located on the border of Missouri and Kansas, offers a vibrant blend of cultural attractions and entertainment. The city is renowned for its world-class barbecue, so trying some delicious, smoky flavors is a must. Families can explore the interactive exhibits at the Science City at Union Station or the fascinating collections at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Don't miss a visit to the National World War I Museum and Memorial, which provides a poignant history lesson. For a bit of outdoor fun, head to the Kansas City Zoo or enjoy a leisurely day at Loose Park. The city's lively music scene and historic jazz district also make it a great place to catch live performances. With its rich heritage, diverse activities, and mouthwatering cuisine, Kansas City offers a well-rounded and memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Check out our guide for more information on the city of fountains. We're bringing you the best things to do in Kansas City.

PS. If you're looking for activities for the little ones, check out our guide on  things to do in Kansas City with kids.

Quick View: Things to do in Kansas City with Kids

  1. American Jazz Museum
  2. Science City
  3. Kansas City Zoo
  4. Boulevard Brewing Company
  5. Country Club Plaza
  6. City Market
  7. Jones BBQ
  8. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
  9. Ernie Miller Nature Center
  10. Worlds of Fun
  11. National World War I Museum
  12. Sprint Center
  13. Leila's Hair Museum
  14. Kauffman Stadium
  15. Sealife Aquarium
  16. The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures
  17. The College Basketball Experience
  18. Zip KC
  19. Fritz Railroad Restaurant
  20. Kansas City Municipal Rose Garden
  21. Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead
  22. Kaleidoscope
  23. Arabia Steamboat Museum
  24. Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm
  25. Paradise Park
  26. Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch
  27. Truman Home
  28. Kansas Speedway
  29. Arrowhead Stadium
  30. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
  31. Legoland Discover Center
  32. Kansas City Food Tours
  33. Kansas City Workhouse
  34. J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain
  35. Loose Park
  36. Money Museum

1. American Jazz Museum

Kansas City has a rich musical history, so of course there's a museum dedicated to Jazz! The American Jazz Museum is located in the Historic 18th and Vine Jazz District in Kansas City, Missouri.

You'll have the opportunity to soak up the sights and sounds of jazz through interactive exhibits and films, the Changing Gallery exhibit space, Horace M. Peterson III Visitors Center, Blue Room jazz club, and the Gem Theater.

Children coloring at Kaleidoscope

Source: via Kaleidoscope

2. Science City

Science City is located within the famous Union Station in Kansas City. It provides tons of hands-on experiences for kids! Watch your kids engage in early STEM skills like making observations, developing tool literacy and practicing fine motor skills.

You can also learn more about the night sky at the planetarium, check out some of the daily demonstrations and explore the individual exhibits!

Lizard on a branch at the Science Center

Source: ScienceCityKC Facebook

3. Kansas City Zoo

Welcome to the Kansas City Zoo, home to over 1,300 animals! The 202-acre property contains of all sorts of exotic animals, from orangutans, giraffes, elephants and more!

The zoo also features zookeeper chats, animal shows, feedings, Zoofari Adventure camps, and tons of other educational experiences for kids.

Penguin diving into water at Kansas City Zoo

Source: Kansas City Zoo Twitter

4. Boulevard Brewing Company

Time to get a sitter! The Kansas City's Boulevard Brewing Company provides the perfect excuse for a parent's night out.

The brewery contains an amazing selection of beers, including vegan-friendly options, fine ales and seasonal releases.

Have a drink or take a tour of the property. There are also some shuffleboard courts located on the top floor!

Cracking open a beer on a rooftop at the boulevard brewing company

Source: boulevard brewing company Twitter

5. Country Club Plaza

Need to squeeze in a shopping trip? Head over to Country Club Plaza, Kansas City's premiere shopping and dining destination! The plaza is home to high-end boutiques, restaurants and entertainment venues.

The whole place spans a whopping 15 blocks! There are also tons of fountains located around the property, more than 30 statues, as well as murals and tile mosaics to take in.

Kansas City fountain in the sun at Country Club Plaza

Source: Country Club Plaza Twitter

6. City Market

City Market, aka the River Market, has long served Kansas City as a popular tourist destination. Take in one of the largest farmers markets in the region, stocked with the best local produce around.

There are also tons of activities too, including the local parks and local river for hiking, biking and boating!

Fresh greens at the Kansas City Market

Source: Kansas City Market Twitter

7. Jones BBQ

We told you Kansas City was known for its barbecue! You may recognize the name Jones Bar-B-Q. Sisters Deborah "Shorty" and Mary "Little" run the restaurant together, working hard to maintain the legacy started by their father.

In fact, the family owned food stop was recently featured on the Netflix hit series Queer Eye. Today, both the shop and the sisters are doing well with their new makeovers, and sales are at an all-time high.

Stop in for a taste of what all the hype is about! You won't want to miss out on their smoked meats and secret family BBQ sauce!

Plate of ribs at Jones BBQ

Source: JonesBarBQKC Facebook

8. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) helps celebrate the rich history of African-American baseball and its cultural impact on America.

The NLBM is the only museum of its kind, and has welcomed more than 2-million visitors since it originally opened back in 1990. Stop by and enjoy the self-guided tour!

The exhibition features text panels, hundreds of photographs, artifacts and several film exhibits.

Jackie Robinson poses with his mitt at the Negro League Baseball Museum

Source: Negro League Baseball Museum Twitter

9. Ernie Miller Nature Center

Itching to get out of the city? Hop in the car and head over to the Ernie Miller Nature Center. The 116-acre nature park offers grass prairies, upland meadows, bottomland forests, and a beautiful stream to explore.

There's even a new exhibit gallery on the property featuring live animal displays and interactive exhibits!

Pink flower in bloom at Ernie Miller Nature Center

Source: JCPRDemncnature Twitter

10. Worlds of Fun

Into theme parks? Then you won't want to skip on the opportunity to visit Worlds of Fun! The park spans 235 acres and contains tons of rides, slides, live shows, dance parties and more!

Head next door to Oceans of Fun to explore some of their water park activities. There's a 1,034,364-gallon wave pool, 720-foot lazy-river, 23 slides, and tons of other attractions to check out.

Performers singing and dancing at Worlds of Fun

Source: Worlds of Fun Twitter

11. Nation World War I Museum

If there's a history buff in the family, then do them a solid and pay a visit to the National World War I Museum.

Take in original objects collected from the era including documents, video, recreated trenches and interactive tables.

Statue of a soldier at the National WWI Museum

Source: Twitter

12. Sprint Center

Take in a live performance at the Spring Center! The 18,000-foot arena has hosted major names in the music industry including Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Ozzy Osborne and more.

Concertgoers at the Sprint Center

Source: Sprint Center Twitter

13. Leila's Hair Museum

Get ready to add something quirky to the agenda! Leila's Hair Museum serves as the largest - and maybe the only - national collection of wreathes and jewelry made entirely out of hair.

Former hairdresser, Leila Cohoon, started the museum back in 1989. Today, she has amassed an impressive collection of framed hair samples, some of which are a hundred years old!

Hair sample at hair museum

Source: via Facebook

14. Kauffman Stadium

Kauffman Stadium is home to the Kansas City Royals. Originally opened as Royals Stadium back in 1973, the arena is recognized as one of the baseball's most beautiful ballparks.

There's even a pool tucked behind the left field corner! That's right, the 322-foot wide water spectacular opened as the largest privately funded fountain in the world.

Baseball field at Kauffman Stadium

Source: Royals Twitter

15. SeaLife Aquarium

Who doesn't love a good aquarium? Check out over 250 species of marine creatures, including octopus, sharks, stingrays and more! There are also educational talks, animal encounters and interactive exhibits to explore.

Divers pretending to dine with sea turtle at SeaLife Aquarium

Source: SeaLife Aquarium Twitter

16. The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

Everything has a history - even toys! Visit the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, where you'll find the world's largest fine-scale miniature collection and of the nation's largest antique toy collections on public display.

Miniature toy on display

Source: Toy Miniature Twitter

17. The College Basketball Experience

The College Basketball Experience offers visitors a place to pay homage to legendary coaches and players. It also offers them a place to play ball! The "activity station" offers up a place to sharpen your skills, from rebounding, passing, three-point shooting, to free throw shooting and more.

Young man dunking a basketball at the College Basketball Experience

Source: TheCBE Twitter

18. Zip KC

Take in the city from above! Zip KC is located in Bonner Springs, a suburban region just outside of the of the city's downtown. Take in some amazing views of the surrounding area, go on a hiking excursion, or enjoy a ninja training activity.

Young man playing on obstical course at Zip KC

Source: zipkc Facebook

19. Fritz's Railway Restaurant

Welcome to another Kansas City Tradition! Fritz's Railroad Restaurant has been around since 1954. Head this way if you want to experience some of the best burgers in town, delivered to your table by an overhead train.

Frtiz's Railroad Restaurant Logo

Source: fritzsrestaurantkc Facebook

20. Kansas City Rose Garden

1.5 acres of garden, 150 varieties of roses, and 3,000 plants. Need we say more? The Kansas City Municipal Garden was originally opened back in 1931 and has been growing ever since!

Roses and walkways at the botanical garden in Kansas City

Source: KC Parks

21. Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead

Do your kids love animals? Head over to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. There, you'll be able to visit more than 250 animals and birds, learn about growing flowers and vegetables, experience a Kanza Indian encampment, take a stroll through mainstream, and stop by the fishing pond!

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in Kansas City

Source: drcfarmstead Twitter

22. Kaleidoscope

Provided by the Hallmark Visitors Center, Kaleidoscope provides a place for kids to explore their creative side. Using Crayola supplies and Hallmark materials, kids are able to create their very own works of art.

Children coloring at Kaleidoscope

Source: via Kaleidoscope

23. American Steamboat Museum

In 1988, local residents discovered the location of a sunken vessel that had been missing for over 30 years. Today, the vessel and its uncovered objects appear on display at the Arabia Steamboat Museum.

Recently voted "Favorite Kansas Hidden Gem," by Visit KC, the museum helps give visitors a better understanding of what life was like for 19th century pioneers.

Group tour at the Arabia Steamboat Museum

Source: ASM Twitter

24. Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm

Welcome to the only working stagecoach stop left on the Santa Fe Trail! The Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm offers visitors of all ages opportunities to engage in different aspects of life on the Kansas frontier, 1860's farming and stagecoach travel.

Lamb on Mahaffie farm

Source: Lamb on Mahaffie farm Twitter

25. Paradise Park

There are tons of things to do at Paradise Park, including go-karts, miniature gold, laser tag, rock wall climbing and more!

Children seven and under should head over to the discovery area, where they can explore more hands-on activities and experiences. There's also a full service cafe on-site for when the kids get hungry!

Kids playing at Paradise Park

Source: ParadiseParkKC Facebook

26. Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch

It may have started as a traditional pumpkin farm, but these days, the Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch offers a whole lot more than that.

Head on over to enjoy some apple picking, corn maze exploring, cider sipping, animal feeding and more! You can top it all off with a sweet treat before you leave.

Little boy in a pumpkin patch

Source: FunFarmPumpkinPatch Facebook

27. Truman House

The home on North Delaware St. belonged to former president Harry Truman and his first wife, Bess Wallace. The house was originally built in 1867 and was occupied by the family until 1972.

Truman used the house during his presidency as a summer getaway. Today, the site is a registered National Historic Site. Visitors can enjoy the simple life enjoyed by Harry and Bess before, during and after his presidency.

The center also hosts tons of in-person programs. Make sure to check out the events calendar listed on the website to see what's offered during your visit!

Statue in front of the Truman Home

Source: Truman Home Twitter

28. Kansas Speedway

Kansas City is all about Nascar, so get in the spirit of the city with a trip to the track! The 1.5-mile track hosts two annual Nascar race weekends as well as a number of other high-speed thrills.

Car on display at the Kansas Speedway

Source: Kansas Speedway Twitter

29. Arrowhead Stadium

Any football fans around? Head over to Arrowhead Stadium and take in a Chiefs Game. You can also arrange a tailgating party or take a tour of the stadium.

The arena doubles as a music venue, so there's opportunity to enjoy the space even if you aren't into football!

view of empty baseball field at arrowhead stadium

Source: arrowhead stadium Twitter

30. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Time to take in a little culture! The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art houses more than 35,000 works of art and welcomes 500,000 visitors every year. In addition to all the exhibits offered are classes, tours, festivals and more.

Decorated ceiling at Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Source: Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Twitter

31. LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Known as the ultimate indoor playground, LEGOLAND Discovery Center offers two rides, 12 Lego build & play zones, a 4D cinema and tons of other attractions for the kids to enjoy!

lego statue at Legoland in Kansas City

Source: Legoland Twitter

32. Kansas Center Food Tours

You can't get to know Kansas City without getting a taste for its food. Sign up for a Kansas City Food tour and discover the of the best cuisine in town.

The tour, which lasts three hours, will introduce you to some of the more off-the-beaten path areas, culture and tons of foodie fun!

Margarita and chips on Kansas City food tour

Source: Kansas City food tour Twitter

33. Kansas City Workhouse

Ever want to visit a castle? Now's your chance! The Kansas City Workhouse is situated in the historic portion of Kansas City, Missouri and is designed in medieval style. It's even got a stone fortress! Of course, the history behind the building is a little different than other castles you may find around the world. The Workhouse was a former jail, housing petty offenders such a drunks or beggars.

Kansas City workhouse at Missouri

34. J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountains

Its not called the city of fountains for nothing. Kansas City boasts over 200 fountains, more than any other city in the world (excluding Rome)!

The most famous and most-photographed of these fountains is the J.C. Nichols Memorial, located at the east entrance to the Country Club Plaza district.

Henri Greber originally sculpted the figures in 1910 to adorn a mansion in Long Island, NY. It was eventually brought to Kansas City in 1951 and refurbished by Herman Frederick Simon.

The fountain contains four "heroic horsemen" who are said to represent the mighty four rivers of the world: the Mississippi, the Volga River, the Seine and the Rhine.

Famous J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain in Kansas City

Source: via KC Parks

35. Loose Park

This 75-acre stretch is known for being the most beautiful, popular and historical park in all of Kansas City.

During the civil war, it served as a major site for the Battle of Westport, where Confederate forces were routed by Union forces in the area. Today, it features playground areas, gardens, picnic tables, fountains and more.

Kids on the playground at Loose Park in Kansas City


36. Money Museum

It's never too early to learn the importance of cold, hard cash, right? The Money Museum in Kansas City offers both guided and self-guided tours.

Its hands-on exhibits are designed to teach visitors of all ages about the economy, especially when it comes to the federal reserve and dollar-and-coin currency.

Dollar bills on display at the Money Museum in Kansas City

Source: KC Fed Twitter

So, there you have it! Did you enjoy our list of the best things to do in Kansas City? If you haven't yet figured out where to stay during your stay, think about making Great Wolf Lodge home base. Visit our official site for more information on our Kansas City lodge. We hope to see you soon!


Is it worth visiting Kansas City?

There are so many things to do in Kansas City, KS. Located on the Kansas/Missouri border, Kansas City is host to numerous tourist destinations and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Whether it’s the multiple museums providing rich history and culture or the fun of the city’s zoo—or maybe just a trip to see the Kansas City Royals play—there’s always something exciting to do. Visitors to the city will also find dozens of restaurants and bars, many serving up the barbecue for which the city is known. With such an ideal mix of urban appeal and small-town charm, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Kansas City.

Why should my family make a visit to Kansas City?

Any list of “The Best Things To Do In Kansas City” will contains many sights and experiences that can only be found in a visit to this region of the Sunflower State. Sure, there’s the culture and entertainment to be found in the city itself. But any visitor making the trip should be sure to check out many of the tourist-friendly destinations located minutes outside the city, a sprawling array of cultural and natural attractions. Plus, the abundance of family-friendly options makes it easy to combine more sophisticated outings with activities appealing to kids. Of course, anyone looking for things to do in Kansas City should book a stay at Great Wolf Lodge—click here to learn more.

What is there to do in Kansas City for toddlers?

Those looking for things to do in Kansas City with kids outside of Great Wolf Lodge will have no shortage of options. These include popular attractions, historical landmarks, famous tourist stops, and more. There are also plenty of family-friendly choices right here: See our list, “Things To Do In Kansas City With Kids,” for a longer list of options.

How can I have fun with my kids on a budget in Kansas City?

Those looking to keep costs down will find plenty of free things to do in Kansas City. Whether you’re wanting to explore the great outdoors at Ernie Miller Nature Center or take in the sights at City Market, Kansas City has no shortage of budget-conscious options.

What are the top attractions and things to do in Kansas City?

A number of the most fun things to do in Kansas City can be found on our lists above. From the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, to the adrenaline-rush thrills of the Kansas Speedway, to the numerous other tourist-friendly delights awaiting curious visitors, Kansas City contains many popular attractions for families. Whether you’re looking for things to do in Kansas City this weekend or planning a visit farther out, you’ll want to get a good look at the city’s amazing sights.