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The Adventure Begins: How to Master MagiQuest

If you’ve been to one of Great Wolf Lodge’s many locations, you probably know all about MagiQuest. If not, we’re here to tell you all about it!

MagiQuest is one of the most popular things to do at Great Wolf Lodge. It’s one of our dry land activities, so it’s perfect for when your wolf pups are looking to take a break from the water park.


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MagiQuest turns Great Wolf Lodge into your own personal playground. You’ll get to embark on quests and adventures using a special magic wand that you can choose to solve mysteries!

If you have younger kids under age 5, we even have a Mini Magi Mode that provides all the magic of MagiQuest but in a game that is specifically designed for younger Magi.

To play MagiQuest at the Lodge, you’ll need the following: a magic quest wand, a topper, a Book of Wisdom, comfortable shoes (you will be running around a lot), and a belt to hold your wand (optional, but helpful).

You can find the belt along with other accessories at the MagiQuest store where your journey begins.

One of MagiQuest’s biggest fans, Kaitlyn B., has spent over 100 hours (!) playing the game at Great Wolf Lodge locations—so we thought, who better to get some tips from? Read on for Kaitlyn’s helpful hints for playing the game.

Tips for MagiQuest Adventuring at Great Wolf Lodge

Consider getting a topper. Many of the MagiQuest wand toppers have thrilling features like lights and motion, making it easier to be seen in dungeons and crypts.

Follow the Book of Wisdom. Remember, knowledge is power—and all that a Magi needs to know is written in the Book of Wisdom. It’s a book of clues to objectives in a quest written in verses.

There are countless volumes of this timeless guide. Young Magi start with the first volume, and once you’ve reached the Master Magi level, the Master Book will be revealed to you.

If you want to take an adventure, it’s a good idea to have all or most of the runes. Runes help you build and gain power! The runes available on Rune Quests are: Lightning, Enchant Creature, Music, Protection, Freeze, Distraction, Healing, Portal, Dazzle, Reveal, Ice Arrow, and Master Magi.

Listen to the introductions on every quest the first time you play them. Remembering details from the instructions will help you to solve the riddles faster!

You can always ask a “Questmaster” (pack member) if you need help. Questmasters will help you obtain runes which give you the ability to cast spells with your wands! They also provide Magi with important clues that will help you complete the many quests and adventures within the kingdom.

Kaitlyn says, “The best part of MagiQuest is going on the adventures. My favorite adventures are The Silver Dragon, The Amulet of Ursa Major, and The Red Dragon. Playing MagiQuest with friends is one of my favorite things to do, and I’ve done it for my birthday a couple of times, too!”

Remember, you can buy our MagiQuest wands for sale and take them home as souvenirs. Bring them back to use over and over again at the Lodge with the purchase of new adventures.

Now that you know all about our MagiQuest game, are you ready to befriend the Treetop Pixies, battle Charlock the evil dragon, and fight to defeat the Goblin King?

Oh, and if you ever do defeat the Goblin King, don’t worry—there are many more adventures and fun games all over the Lodge. Happy questing!

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