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Memory Match! Fun at Home Memory Game for Kids

It’s no secret that kids love games. But, did you know matching games for kids can improve concentration, short-term memory, and attention to detail? With that in mind, we created a memory game for kids that will keep them not only entertained, but also engaged (for those low key home or vacation moments).

Here is a printable memory game along with instructions for how to play:

  1. First, print the page and cut into uniform squares. For longevity, we recommend printing on cardstock or another sturdy paper. You don’t want rips to slow down the fun!

  2. Once the squares are cut, place them with the photo side up on a flat surface.

  3. Give your child 30-60 seconds, depending on their age (longer for younger children) to study the squares. Remind them that they are looking for matching images and are trying to remember where each card is so they can match them up later.

  4. Flip all of the squares over, so only the blank side is visible.

  5. Now it’s your child’s turn to see how many matches they can make from memory! Time them to see how long it takes them to make all of the matches. If you’re playing with multiple kids, take turns and make it a friendly competition.

  6. If they turn over an incorrect square, have them turn it back over and continue guessing.

  7. Once they’ve guessed them all right, rearrange the tiles and play again! As you continue to play, lessen the amount of time they have to study the squares and challenge them to beat their previous match-making time.

The next time you’re looking for a kid-friendly game that will let you create memories with your family, break out Memory Match. They won’t need to know that it’s designed as a game to improve memory for kids; they’ll just be begging you to play!

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