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5 Thoughtful Ideas to Make this Father’s Day Extra Special

All dads really want for Father’s Day is to spend quality time with their family! A gift can never truly show how much your dad means to you, but a thoughtful and unique gift idea can come close! Here are 5 simple yet thoughtful ideas to make this Father’s Day extra special.

Make Breakfast in Bed

Bringing your dad breakfast in bed is a simple yet extremely thoughtful gift for Father’s Day! Cook some eggs, fruit, toast, or your dad’s favorite breakfast items, as well as a cup of coffee and serve on a tray.

Throw a Party at Home

Throw your dad a party in your house with family and close friends! Grab his favorite snacks and some hand-made decorations to host a gathering he’ll never forget. If you want it to be a surprise party, make sure to include the whole family on the secret so you can properly execute the surprise.

Write a Thoughtful Card

Writing a thoughtful handwritten card is a great way to show your father how much you appreciate him! Grab a store-bought card with a blank interior so you can write a personal message or make a card at home from scratch with colorful cardstock and paper! For an extra special touch, print out some family photos and paste them on the card for an extra personalized gift.

Plan a Family Bike Ride

Organize a family bike ride for the whole family to celebrate Father’s Day! Bike rides are a great way to spend quality time with the family while getting some exercise and sunshine time.

Outdoor Movie Night

Grab a white sheet, a projector, comfortable blankets and pillows, and snacks for an awesome at-home movie night in your backyard! If you want to make it extra special, you could hang up some lights and cook some popcorn for the full outdoor movie experience.

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