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Things to Do on a Rainy Day with Kids

Springtime in most areas can be a rainy time of year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Great Wolf is here with ideas to keep the whole family entertained on a rainy day!

1. Turn your living room into a craft room: Gather all the craft supplies you have on hand and set them up in different stations around your living room. For example, one corner can have coloring books and markers, one corner can have water colors, etc.

2. Build an indoor obstacle course: Build an obstacle course in your living room or playroom with various non-delicate and non-breakable items, such as old cardboard boxes and pillows.

3. Go bowling: Bowling is a super fun family activity and makes for some great indoor fun!

4.  Board game tournament: Pull out some old board games you haven’t played in a while and organize a tournament with your family!

5. Play “The Floor is Lava”: Set up pillows around the house and play this super simple game. The only rule is: the floor is lava! The first person to step on the floor loses the game.

6. Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Write a checklist in order of the items and tasks to be completed, as well as the rules for the game. Set up the house with the hidden items, hiding more clues if needed. Set a time limit for the search and go!

7. Play Minute to Win-It Games: Minute to Win-it Games are games and activities that must be completed in one minute. Examples include an egg/spoon race, oreo face, tissue box game, etc.

8. Visit Great Wolf Lodge: Weather can’t impede on your fun in our 84-degree resort. Head to your nearest Great Wolf Lodge for some indoor water park fun!

See? Rainy days can be fun too! Share these ideas with your family to get them excited about the next time they’re stuck inside.

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