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Fall Trivia Questions and Answers

Want to test your knowledge with some fall trivia? Trivia is a great way to have fun while learning. Use these trivia questions as an ice breaker at a hangout with friends or at family dinner for some fun discussion.

Tip: Quiz yourself by using a piece of paper to cover up the answers as you go!

Q: When is the first day of fall?

A: September 22

Q: What was missing from the first Thanksgiving feast?

A: Turkey

Q: What colors are associated with fall?

A: Red, yellow, orange, brown

Q: Which pigment decreases in plants during fall?

A: Chlorophyll

Q: Which President made Thanksgiving a permanent national holiday?

A: Abraham Lincoln

Q: What is another word for fall?

A: Autumn

Q: Which species of trees doesn’t lose their leaves during fall?

A: Evergreen

Q: When is Thanksgiving celebrated?

A: The fourth Thursday of November

Q: What festival is celebrated during fall in Germany?

A: Oktoberfest

Q: What is the autumn equinox?

A: The official beginning of fall

Q: In what fall month does Daylight Savings occur?

A: November

Q: Does pumpkin spice contain pumpkin?

A: No

Q: What popular crops are harvested during fall?

A: Pumpkins and apples

Q: True or False: Birds prepare to migrate in the fall.

A: True

Q: True or False: Animals collect food to prepare for hibernation during the fall.

A: True

Q: What country did Halloween originate from?

A: Ireland

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