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Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

At Great Wolf Lodge, we love our furry friends – and the name of the day tells you how to celebrate it – Dress your pets up and share your adorable and fun pics with the Great Wolf community!

To provide some history, National Dress Up Your Pet Day first kicked off back in 2009. Pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige decided pets and their owners needed a little something special to celebrate their time together. Animal enthusiasts quickly jumped on the idea. Today, the tradition is enjoyed by animal lovers all around the country!

Of course, our pets always love the extra attention but it’s important to always keep your pet’s comfort first and foremost. A visit to the groomer for a bit of polish and trim can also improve our companion’s appearance. Get a snazzy bandana, bow, or collar to show off your polished pal. How about a sweater for chilly winter walks? If the tutu is too, too much, your pooch will let you know.

If you don’t already have an outfit for your pet, you can check out some of these options online. You can put your pooch in a tuxedo, transform them into a werewolf, or dress them up as a musician. Check out the slideshow below to see some of our favorite looks!

Once you’ve finished dressing them up, create an environment to enhance the experience and play. Enjoy time together posing for pics and sharing your creations. Be sure to share your favorite pet poses with us.

Of course, getting your pet into a costume is often easier said than done. Check out the tips below to avoid a wardrobe malfunction on the big day:

How to Dress Up Your Pet

  1. Take the costume out of the package and leave it somewhere your pet can see and smell.
  2. Leave the outfit out for a few days so your pet can approach it at will/ Reward their curisoity with some attention or a yummy treat.
  3. Try putting the costume on them before putting them in it. You can do this by laying the material across their back. Make sure you’re giving them lots of positive feedback as you go.
  4. Try putting your pet into the costume. Make sure you wait until they’re relaxed, and in a good mood. Dress them up every few days leading up to the big event. Make sure the costume isn’t too tight, and that they’re comfortable running around in it. Biting or tugging at the material might be a sign it’s not a great fit!

Pets bring so much joy to our lives, so let’s show them the love they deserve with National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Be creative, make your own costume, and most importantly, have fun. Bring props into the fold and make the little star of your household feel like a big star. We would love to see your pet. Share on Instagram or Facebook with #GWLdressUpYourPet and we will share as well!

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