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DIY: Spooky Halloween Costumes

Whether you need a last-minute costume or you’re gearing up to spend Halloween at Great Wolf Lodge, there are tons of costumes you can make right at home in just a few minutes! With few supplies, these costumes are super easy to make and will look great on kids of every age and adults too!


Check out this awesome no-sew DIY wolf costume for Halloween this year! Complete with wolf ears, you can give your best howls at the Lodge! All you’ll need is: PDF of wolf pattern (or you can cut the felt pieces manually), grey hoodie, yellow, white, black and grey felt, scissors and straight pins, hot glue gun, and an adult!

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Unsure about what to be for Halloween this year? This home-made skeleton costume takes less than 15 minutes to make and serves as the perfect last-minute costume idea! It is suitable for all ages and the kids are sure to love it!

What you’ll need:

1. Black t-shirt and black pants OR black onesie

2. White duct tape OR scotch tape and white paper

3. Scissors


Cut each section of duct tape and stick onto clothing. Cut arms, ribs, hip bones, and legs to make a skeleton shape.

For the paper option, print out pictures of each section of bones and tape to clothing.

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This home-made mummy costume will have all your friends at the Lodge impressed. Suitable for all ages, from toddlers to adults, this costume is fast, easy, and can be worn with the whole family as an adorable group costume!

What you’ll need:

1. White long sleeve shirt

2. White pants or shorts

3. White flat bed sheet

4. Tea bags OR coffee

5. Optional: face paint


1. Rip bed sheet into long strips

2. Optional: Soak bed sheet strips in a large pot of boiling water and tea bags to tint the color of the strips to a desired off-white.

3. Let strips dry

4. Wrap strips around child to achieve a mummy-like look

pexels photo 5590089 - DIY: Spooky Halloween Costumes

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