cool hose games - 13 Cool Hose Games the Kids Will Love!

13 Cool Hose Games the Kids Will Love!

Beat the heat this summer with these awesome backyard water games. Below, you’ll find a list of our very favorite activities to do during a hot summer day. Each idea will help keep the kids cool and content without even having to leave the house!

Cool Hose Activities and Fun Backyard Water Games to Play This Summer

use water bottles, water balloons buckets, and other accessories to splash around in the backyard

Summertime is a time to relax and reboot after working hard and enduring the cold weather. It’s also the right time of year to ask certain questions. You may find yourself asking how to beat the heat without a pool, for instance.

You might also find yourself dreaming up ways to turn household items into warm-weather accessories. Fortunately, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. Check out the list below to learn how to transform your backyard into a DIY waterpark using sponges, pool toys, water balloons, and more!

DIY Water Slide

All you need for this water game is a camping tarp, a gardening hose, and some shampoo. Spread your tarp out over a small slope in the yard. Then, find something to hang your garden hose over, like a clothing line or tree branch.

Place a clip over the nozzle to hold the trigger down. Drizzle some shampoo over the tarp to get things good and slippery and send the kids down one by one.

You can get some dish soap from the dollar store if you’re looking for a more inexpensive item to use. You can also lay your tarp down on a flatter surface if you want to create a DIY slip n’ slide instead!

If you liked this activity, then you’ll definitely want to learn how to create a water slide inside the house!

Water Balloon Dodgeball

This game follows the same rules as regular dodgeball, only you’ll be using water balloons instead! Place a large bucket of water balloons in the center of the field. Line up your teams at either end of your field.

Don’t let them start dashing towards the bucket until you give the go-ahead. Players must remain dry to stay in the game. Check out this post for more information on water balloon games for kids!

Noodle Sprinkler

All you need for this next activity are a few pool noodles, some duct tape, string, skewers, a pair of scissors, and a hose. To begin, tape your pool noodles together so that they form a circle. Make sure you pull the tape taut so there won’t be any leaks. Next, use the skewers to poke holes in the noodles.

Then, cut a small opening into the top of the sprinkler using your scissors. Insert the hose and secure it in place using some more tape. Attach the sprinkler to a tree limb or a pole using some string. Turn on the hose and watch the kids go wild. Check out the video below for more examples of how to create a DIY sprinkler.

Spray Tag

Similar to a normal game of tag, you’ll need to select one person to be “it.” Only instead of using their hand to touch the other players, they’ll be given a spray bottle to wet them with instead. Whoever gets tagged first takes over!

Water Wars

Grab a few colorful sponges and cut them into strips about an inch wide. Remember, this step requires the use of scissors, so parents only!

Stack the strips in groups of three and tie them together in the center. Make a double knot to make sure it’s secure. Place a few buckets of water around the yard for the kid to soak their sponge and then each other. Take a look at the video below to get started.

Target Practice

Hang a few targets from a tree branch or on a fence. You can use anything from a piece of paper to a water bottle or soda can. Use the hose to create strong enough streams of water to blast your targets away!

Hop the Snake

Point the hose towards the ground near your child’s feet. Watch them run and jump while trying to avoid the “water snake.”

Water Hose Limbo

Turn on the hose and use the water as your limbo stick. Don’t forget to lower the stream after each turn. Find out just how low you can go! Check out the video below to learn how to play!

Water Ball

Create a start and finish line in the backyard. You can use things like jump ropes or traffic cones as markers. Place a playground ball down and show your little one how to move it using a stream of water from the hose. The first player to get their ball across the finish line wins!

Jump Cup

Have some fun in the sun with this simple spin on jumping rope. Fill a few cups up with water and distribute them to each child. Have everyone take turns jumping rope while holding their cups. The person with the most water left wins!

Water Balloon Spoon Race

Give each kid a spoon and ask them to hold it in their mouth. Place a small water balloon at the end and watch them race to the finish line. The first one to reach the end with their water balloon still intact wins. Check out the video below to see how it’s done!

Water Balloon Obstacle Course

Create your very own “Water Olympics” to help the kids practice their problem-solving skills. Incorporate things like sponge tosses, sprinkler dances, and water balloon basketball. Check out this post for more ideas.

Water Bucket Race

Create a start and finish line marked by items found around the house. Then, distribute a bucket of water to each child participating in the race. Use the hose to fill them each up with water.

Ask them to do different things like skipping, running, hopping, or even hula hooping on their way to the finish line.  See who has the most water left in their bucket by the end of the race.

More Fun Water Games From Great Wolf Lodge

njoy some family fun with a backyard water game

Thanks for checking out these fun water games for kids! We hope you enjoyed our ideas. Remember, these activities can be appreciated by children of all ages. They’re also a great resource to rely on while the little ones are out of school.

Be sure to check out our post on water birthday party games for ways to incorporate these games into someone’s special day!

You can also explore our blog for more ways to have fun with the family this summer. Or, visit us at the lodge! Whether you’re simply looking to beat the heat or create special memories with the family, you’re sure to have a blast at Great Wolf Lodge.

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