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8 Best Kids’ Podcasts for Your Next Road Trip

So, are you just about ready to go on your next road trip? How exciting! We have a list of the best podcasts for kids that will keep your little ones occupied for hours. We sure hope you’re on your way to the Great Wolf Lodge as Spring Breakout is coming to the lodge! No matter where you’re headed, we have a big list of podcasts for children coming right up.

#1 Brains On!

This award-winning science podcast is perfect for kids and even inquisitive adults! Recent fun episodes they produced include “could you walk around the world”, “why do we like sugar so much” and “do we live in a multiverse”. With 50+ episodes, there is a topic that’s sure to leave any curious child with some science-backed answers to their questions. One of our favorite episodes is “why do songs get stuck in our head?” Check it out here.

#2 The Moment of Um

Moment of Um is one of the best kids’ podcasts. It is brought to you by the same makers of “Brains On” so it’s bound to be a hit as well! Every weekday there will be an episode featuring a new question asked by a kid and answered by an expert. Moment of Um is a great learning opportunity and kids can participate by asking their own questions and sending them to the podcast!

#3 The Past & the Curious

Is you child more interested in history and fun history facts? Then this family podcast will be perfect to satisfy their curiosity and teach them more about history. Recent episodes include a short history lesson on Satchel Paige, a great baseball player in history, and an intriguing episode on American actor Buster Keaton.

#4 What if World

This podcast is all about engaging kids and having them ask their questions to the podcast host but there is a twist! These questions then get turned into an exciting, imaginative story. This storytelling podcast will help unlock your child’s imagination. For this episode, sit back, close your eyes and let your imagination roam free.

#5 The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

If your family is into science fiction then they’ll enjoy the Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian. These are serialized stories told in 15-20 minutes episodes.  No need to start with the very first episode, just pick one and get lost in the thrilling story telling. These are short enough that you can listen to a few in a row and get a good variety of sci fi stories.

#6 Stories Podcast

Stories Podcast is a great kids’ story podcast. It is a bedtime show for kids where each week the podcast producers perform a new story. Some are retellings of old favorites like Peter Rabbit and others are completely new! If you are going on a long road trip overnight, this is perfect to pop in the backseat for the kids. Podcast lengths vary from 10-50 minutes so you can choose an episode length that is best for your family.

#7 But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

If you’ve got a super curious kiddo have them check out the “But Why” podcast. Just like the Moment of Um, kids can send in their own questions and the But Why team will find the answers and share them in an exciting podcast episode. Recent topics include nature, words, and the end of the world!

#8 Little Stories for Tiny People

This storytelling podcast is perfect for younger kids and toddlers.  Each story is meant to help capture the “whimsical sense of humor” that children have. You can also browse by episode as the stories are separated by themes such as “bedtime”, “big feelings” or “family”. The Little Stories for Tiny People podcast is a great way to keep kids occupied on the road!

Now that you’re all set with a big list of podcasts for your road trip, get the kids excited with some fun facts and road trip games that will continue to keep them entertained in the car! Whether you are on your way to a Great Wolf Lodge near you or you’re going on a road trip elsewhere, happy travels and enjoy the journey!

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