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7 Favorite Water Park Rides

So it’s your first time going to an indoor water park  or maybe you’ve been to one a bunch of times!  For your next visit, we have a list of water park attractions to get you and your family excited. If you’re curious about the different kinds of water park attractions, stay tuned!

#1 Water Slides

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First, we have our classic body slides! These are one-person slides that you’ll ride on your own and zip down to the bottom. Body slides are thrilling because you’ll get to feel the water close to you. There are different slides for toddlers, younger children and teens.

Another kind of water slide is a tube ride. You’ll ride either a single tube, a double tube or a tube meant for more riders, it just depends on the ride. Tube rides are fun because you can experience the slide together with a member of your family and you’ll feel a big rush as you drop into the plunge pool.

#2 Wolf Tail

When you’re riding the Wolf Tail, which is a vertical drop water slide, you’ll step into the launch pad and get ready for the ride of a lifetime! The floor will drop from under you and you’ll be free falling from a nearly vertical, 20 foot drop. This exciting and dramatic drop will be followed by a 360-degree high-speed loop for the ultimate adventure. You’ll then drop into a shallow landing pool to help you slow down after your epic ride!

#3 Drop Slides

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Drop water slides, also known as speed slides, are super fast! You’ll catch a lot of speed as you zoom down to the bottom. Some of the slides, like the Alberta Falls water park ride, will be a few stories high. You’ll go through many twists and turns until you slide to the bottom! When you get to the bottom you’ll reach either a shallow landing pool or a long chute that will help you slow down.

#4 Wolf Rider Wipeout

The Wolf Rider Wipeout, an indoor surfing simulator, is a surfer’s dream! You’ll catch each wave with a bodyboard. You’ll ride endless waves in three different riding positions that are perfect for everyone in the family, from beginners to experts. Wolf Rider Wipeout is an exciting ride because you’ll feel the waves up close and will be able to control the board to catch some swells.

#5 Lazy Rivers

image 11 - 7 Favorite Water Park Rides

Lazy rivers are one of our favorite water park rides! The lazy river is a shallow pool that flows like a river. You’ll sit on a tube and ride along with the gentle current. You can even swim in the river like a true river otter or bear. This is the perfect ride for the end of your day. You’ll relax and float, regain your strength and maybe hop back on one last slide ride before exploring other water park activities.

#6 Wave Pools

Wave pools are a ton of fun. They are swimming pools with large waves that swell every 5 minutes and rock and roll the water around you. You’ll feel like you’ve landed in the middle of the ocean! The wave pool is family fun for kids of all ages. This ride is sure get you energized for the day ahead!

#7 Fort Mackenzie Water Playground

Water playgrounds and splash pads are where toddlers and kids can have fun climbing forts and playgrounds that are full of water surprises! There as special splash features, interactive water toys and for the ultimate experience, a gigantic bucket that dumps 500 gallons of water! One of our favorite activities at Fort Mackenzie is to swing on the climbing ropes and play under the streams of water.

Now that you know a little bit more about water park rides we hope you’ll visit us soon where you can splash and ride all day long! Click here to find a Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park near you.

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