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8 Useful Tips for Easy Traveling with Kids

Travel is a treasured tradition. It’s a great time to bond, loosen up, get away, and enjoy time together. But for many parents, travel can also be stressful. Between snacks, rest stops, your kid’s travel checklist, and other logistics, there’s always something to think about when you’re traveling with your wolf pups.

Whether you’re planning on taking your next trip during summer vacation or saving it for a holiday getaway, these useful travel tips and tricks should help make it one to howl about.

The Top 8 Travel Tips for 2020:

Plan ahead. Spontaneous travel always sounds adventurous and fun, but it can be more expensive. By planning ahead, you can choose dates that still work for you and your family that are also easier on your bank account. For instance, consider going during an off-peak time of year. Or, surprise your family with a mid-week getaway.

Stop along the way. Plan your drive time to include stopping for quick meals as well as places where your kids can burn off energy. Letting your kids run around a playground or park for 30 minutes should guarantee you at least a couple hours of quiet time in the car.

One size really does fit all. If you’re traveling with kids of different ages, pick a destination that offers entertainment for everyone in the family. At Great Wolf Lodge, our indoor water parks include toddler play pools, high-thrill water slides for teens, and attractions the whole family can do together. Everything is under one roof—so we’ve taken the stress out of planning, and created a place the entire family can enjoy together.

  • Snacks. Snacks are a traveling parent’s best friend. Whether it’s drink boxes or sippy cups, crackers or fruit, sometimes the best entertainment while en route is a snack. Snacks can also help minimize how many stops your family will make along the way—and how much you spend at rest stops.
  • Go old school. While it’s very easy to hand your kids iPads and other electronics, try to hold off. After all, the same car games you played as a kid are still just as fun! The license plate game and the “I’m going on a trip” memory game are both fun examples that can get your kids talking. “Heads Up” is a favorite for everyone—just make sure the driver isn’t playing!
  • Wipes, wipes, and more wipes. Cars are tight spaces and as we all know, kids are messy. Having wipes on hand while traveling with kids is not just for changing diapers; it’s also for your sanity. You never know when you’ll need to wipe sticky fingers or quickly clean up a juice spill. It doesn’t matter if you are in a car or a plane—traveling with wipes is just smart travel.
  • Don’t pack the kitchen sink. Think about what you really need, and consider what is provided at your destination. In our water parks, towels and life jackets are provided free of charge, so families don’t have to pack them or figure out how to bring damp towels back home.
  • You can keep your schedule. Naptime and bedtime routines are important for children, and your schedule can be kept while on vacation. Consider booking a hotel with a separate sleeping area for your kids. At Great Wolf Lodge, our themed kids’ suites offer children their own space, right in the suite. They can go to bed on time, and you don’t have to sit in the dark.


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