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The 12 Best Halloween Water slides at Great World Lodge

Check Out Our Most Thrilling Water slides This Halloween

At Great Wolf Lodge, we believe that Halloween shouldn’t just be spooky, but suspenseful as well. Head on down to any one of our 17 adventure parks this October to experience the best thrills of the season. Our waterslides offer enough twists, turns, barrel drops, and sudden spins to keep the whole family on their toes!

Haunted Houses come and go, but you’ll leave our adventure park will enough memories to last a lifetime. Listed below are eleven new ways to celebrate Halloween. See which attractions creep into your mind and call your name. You can also visit to find a lodge near you!

Howlin’ Tornado

Werewolves aren’t the only creatures that can let out a good howl. Introduce your pack to our Howlin’ Tornado and see how far their rallying cry can carry. Jet up and down the walls of this six-story funnel until you make your way down the last tunnel for an epic splashdown. Check out the rest of the kids’ activities and then head back for another round!

Wolf Tail

Nothing provides a jolt to the system quite like having the floor drop out from under you. If that sounds like your kind of thrill, then you’ll love the Wolf Tail water attraction at Great Wolf Lodge. The ride is offered at several different locations throughout the United States. Head onto the launchpad and take a deep breath before you’re hurled into a nearly vertical, 20-foot free fall. The drop is immediately followed by a 360-degree, high-speed loop. By the time you hit the landing pool, you will be ready to do it all over again!

Hydro Plunge

If you like roller coasters and water slides, head over to Great Wolf Lodge where you can experience them both at the same time! Our Hydro Plunge experience blends towering heights with a watery good time.

Hop on into a raft and head down the motorized track. It’s a steep climb up and an even sharper dropdown. The 52-foot vertical plunge takes you through enclosed tubes and quick-change, twisting curves. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go at this one alone. The water coaster can accommodate up to three riders in one raft!

The Triple Twist

If you could turn a three-headed monster into a waterslide, then out would pop our Triple Twist attraction. Often described as a “daredevil’s dream,” this thrilling slide contains three successive funnels, each containing super-fast twists and turns that will leave you screaming for more.

Coyote Cannon

If you thought you could cover a lot of ground trick-or-treating, wait until you see the kind of mileage you can get out of our water-jet-fueled vortex. Riders will embark on a 40-foot drop before landing in our whirling basin. Take a few trips around the center before getting shot out for a perfect splash landing!

The Double Barrel Drop

Jack-O-lanterns aren’t the only things that can light your way through the spooky season. This waterslide will illuminate those electrifying twists, turns, barrel drops, and 450-degree spins with its own set of flashing LED lights. You might end up closing your eyes, but you won’t be left in the dark!

Double Whirlwind

If whirling through one vortex doesn’t sound spooky enough for you, then check out this attraction where you’ll get double the thrills. Grab your family, board your raft, and set off on a splash-heavy adventure through the Double Whirlwind.

Alberta Falls

Why walk through a haunted house when you can fly down a four-story waterslide? Sign up for a real adventure at Alberta Falls. The ride takes you through swiftly banking turns and steep pitches before hurdling you into the plunge pool. It’s the ultimate experience for those who like big thrills and even bigger splashes.

Triple Thunder

Take one Double Barrel Drop, throw in a slice of Howlin’ Tornado and what do you get? A triple-feature waterslide experience, that’s what! Grab a tube and zip through three successive waterslide features at once. Three times the slides, three times the thrills.

Wolf Rider Wipeout

If speed is how you get your thrills, then you’ve got to check out our Wolf Rider Wipeout. The indoor surf simulator contains the fastest waves in the adventure park. Hop on a kneeboard and put your endurance to the test. Will you ride in style or wipeout like the rest of the ghouls?

Mountain Edge Raceway

If competition sounds spooky to you, then you might want to stay away from the raceway. This toboggan style, mat-racing spectacular is designed to put you to the test!  See how fast you can go as you speed down this four-story slide. Leave your friends and family behind as you blast into the final straightaway.

Howlers Peak Ropes Course

If you’re ever in need of a quick intermission from the waterpark, remember there is an entire dry-land experience to explore in our adventure park! If you are brave enough to brace the heights, then head over to our Howlers Peak Ropes Course (offered at select locations across the country). The aerial challenges will keep you and your pack balancing on ropes, crossing bridges and climbing through obstacles all day!

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