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4 Creative Ways to Surprise your Kids with a Vacation

Family vacations are fun no matter what, but if you want to switch things up this time around, a surprise vacation reveal is a super fun way to get the kids excited to go on a trip!

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a super fun way to surprise your kids with a trip! Write out each clue on paper and hide them around the house, with each clue hinting to where the next paper can be found. The goal is to get the kids to guess what the surprise is by the final clue. For example, if you are surprising your kids with a beach vacation, one clue could be attached to a flip flop with a hint that the next clue is outside, etc.


Make a home-made puzzle to surprise your kids. All you’ll need is glue, cardboard, and a picture. To create your puzzle, just glue the printed photo onto the cardboard, then mark and cut your puzzle pieces out. The size of your DIY puzzle pieces should depend on the ages of your kids. If you have younger kids, cut the pieces larger so there are only a few to put together. Once the kids have assembled the picture, they will be able to guess what the surprise is! For example, if you are surprising your kids with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, the puzzle should assemble into a photo of Great Wolf Lodge.

Balloon Pop

Kids love balloons, making a balloon pop the perfect way to surprise them with a vacation! Write a note for each of your kids and insert into a balloon, and then inflate the balloon. Your kids can have fun popping them and looking for the surprises inside. Tip: add a picture or postcard into the balloon as well for an extra fun surprise!

Traditional Reveal

If arts and crafts aren’t your thing, you can always opt for a more traditional reveal. Gather everyone who will be going on the trip and host a special dinner to make the announcement. A simple reveal like this will still have the kids super excited that they’re going on vacation!

Surprising your kids with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge? Be sure to snap a picture or film a video of the reveal and post on socials and tag Great Wolf Lodge!

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