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Step-By-Step Pumpkin Carving Instructions


  1. Gather the Tools

– Pumpkin carving kit including knife, scooper, carving tool, and poker tool (a pushpin or thumbtack works well)

– Pumpkin big enough to fit your pattern

– Great Wolf Lodge pumpkin carving pattern.

  1. Prepare Your Pumpkin

Hands carving a pumpkin on Halloween tablecloth

Cut off the top of the pumpkin by cutting around the stem. Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin until it is clean.

  1. Place Your Pattern

Hands showing how to place a paper cut-out pattern for pumpkin carving

Cut the pattern out of the sheet of paper and tape it to your pumpkin. Cut slits or fold the paper to help it fit around the pumpkin’s curves.

Hands using paper cut-out for pumpkin carving

  1. Poke, Poke, Poke!

You’re more than halfway through the pumpkin carving instructions! Use a pushpin or poker tool to poke holes around the black areas of the pattern, creating an outline of the pattern on your pumpkin.

  1. Cut It Out

Hands using poker tool for pumpkin carving

Once you’ve finished poking the outline of your entire pattern, remove the paper from the pumpkin. Using a carving tool or small knife, carve along the lines. Pumpkin carving tip: Be sure to start with the smaller pieces and work your way out from the middle.

  1. Show It Off!

Share a photo of your pumpkin using #GreatWolfLodge on Instagram, post it on Great Wolf Lodge’s Facebook page, or tweet it to @greatwolf.

Finished pumpkin carving of Sammy the Squirrel from Great Wolf Lodge

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