halloween minute to win it games the whole family can play

16 Halloween Minute to Win it Games

Gear up for the ultimate Halloween party with these minute-to-win-it games. They don’t take much time to put together and are tons of fun to play. From toddlers to grandmas, people of all ages are sure to have a blast participating in these Halloween-themed activities.

With cold weather approaching and an increase of cases of COVID-19, lots of families will be spending Halloween at home. Make the most of the spooky season by celebrating with the whole family.

Check out the instructions below and learn how to prepare some of the best Halloween minute to win it games this October.

Supplies Needed for the Halloween Minute To Win It Games

The first step revolves around getting your supplies in order. The list isn’t too long and they items aren’t too expensive, so don’t worry about it becoming a hassle.

That said, there are some perishable materials on the list, so you’ll have to plan accordingly. We recommend buying the edible items a day or two before you play.

Keep reading to find out what you need for these Halloween minute to win it party games.

  • Halloween Stickers
  • Mini Plastic Pumpkins
  • Small Black Plastic Cauldrons
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Plastic Spiders
  • Paper Straws
  • Orange Paper Plates
  • 12 Oz Plastic Cups
  • String or Twine
  • Toy Golf Set
  • Halloween Themed Paper Bags
  • Candy Corn
  • Halloween-Themed Chocolate Kisses
  • Large Bag of Halloween Candy
  • Halloween Cookies
  • Halloween Donuts
  • Popcorn
  • 1-2 Medium-Sized Pumpkins
  • 4-5 Miniature Pumpkins
  • Game Scorecard (optional)

Once you have your supplies in order, you’ll be ready to play! Make sure to read through our list of Halloween-minute-to-win-it games before you begin. Once you have a sense of what materials you need to play, you can tell the family it’s time to start in on the fun. Remember,

Check out the list of 16 Halloween minute to win it game ideas below and decide just how you want to kick things off!

16 Fun Minute To Win It Halloween Games

fun halloween games for the family - minute to win it games

1. Pumpkin Stack with Plastic Pumpkins

Remember those plastic pumpkins we told you about? Well grab as many as you can and place them down on a flat surface. For this Halloween minute to win it game, choose two players or divide the room up into two groups.

Have each team stack the plastic pumpkins on top of each other. Use your phone or set a timer for one minute. Whoever has the tallest pumpkin tower by the time the timer goes off will win!

Remember, it won’t hurt to get a little creative in your approach. Try stacking your pumpkins in a pyramid or working with a single stack. See what arrangement lends itself to the tallest tower!

2. Cookie Face-Off Halloween Party Games

get the party started with cookie off minute to win it halloween games

This next Halloween minute to win it game will have the whole family laughing, from the children to the adults! Each player will have to balance a Halloween cookie on their forehead.

Using just their facial muscles, they’ll have to find a way to work the cookies down their face and into their mouth! Remember, no hands!

3. Spider Race Minute to Win it Games

This is a fun Halloween party game idea kids will love.  Give each player a straw and one plastic spider. Have everyone position their spiders on the edge of a table.

Line up your players and ask them to blow their spider across the table using their straws. Consider this the finish line. The first one to cross takes the winning title!

4. Suck it Up Chocolate Transfer

This is a really fun Halloween minute to win it party game the whole family will enjoy.  Give each player two plates and a straw. Fill one plate up with round chocolate candies.

Ask the players to use their straws to suck one candy up at a time and transfer to the other. The first player to transfer all their candies to the other plate wins the game!

5. Pumpkin Toss

This fun minute to win it Halloween game requires a bowl, a small black cauldron and a whole bunch of candy! Divide your guests into teams of two and distribute the materials accordingly.

Give one person on the team the bowl and fill it up with the pumpkin candies. Hand off the cauldron to their partner and ask them to kneel down on the ground, facing away from the other player.

pumpkin toss party minute to win it halloween games

Refer back to the team member holding the bowl full of candy and ask them to toss a piece over their partner’s head. The goal is for the person holding the cauldron to catch as many pieces of candy as possible.

Set the timer for one minute and see who has the most candies in their cauldron by the time it goes off!

6. Bones in a Bag

Take five minutes to prepare for this Halloween minute to win it game. Grab your Halloween paper bags and place a few chocolate kisses in each.

Make sure there are a number of different kisses in each bag. Fold the tops down so that that the kids can’t peak inside!

During each players’ turn, they pick each bag up to give them a good shake. This should help them determine how many “bones” are in each bag.

Ask them to place the bags in a row, starting with the one containing the least amount of bones to the one containing the highest number of bones. Whoever makes the most correct guess will win the game!

7. Pumpkin Mini Golf Halloween Party Games

Minute to win it games aren’t complete without a little pumpkin golf.  Get ready to channel your inner Tiger Woods for this next minute to win it activity! Get the Halloween party started with fun take on a traditional miniature golf game.

To prepare, you’ll want to carve a large opening into a pumpkin. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate this design into a traditional jack-o-lantern, think about carving an exaggerated open mouth.

This will serve as your cup. Give each of the kids a toy golf club to use. Set the timer for one minute and see how many points everyone in the family racks up!

8. Popcorn Pumpkins Kids Halloween Party Games

popcorn pumpkin minute to win it halloween game for kids

A kids favorite when it comes to Halloween games, start by preparing a few bags of popcorn to begin this fun Halloween minute to win it activity. Put them in a few deep bowls and station them on one side of the room. Put a few different open pumpkins on the side.

Give each of the kids a plastic cup and set the time for one minute. See who can get the most popcorn into their pumpkins using the plastic cups!

9. Spooky Stacks Halloween Games

Get the family together for another minute to win it Halloween activity. This one requires 15 paper or plastic cups. Draw spooky ghost faces on each one.

Then, stack them in a pyramid with five cups on the bottom row, four on the next and so on until your pyramid is complete.

Call the kids up one at a time to dissemble the pyramid. Put a timer on and see how long it takes them to recreate the original structure.

The player who puts together a new pyramid in the shortest amount of time gets the win!

10. Pumpkin Races

pumpkin races halloween minute to win it party game for the family

Halloween party games aren’t complete without getting a little racing involved.  This minute to win it activity doesn’t take much prep. Just hand out a miniature pumpkin to each person participating in these fun Halloween games.

Line them up on one side of the room and ask them to balance the pumpkins on their head. The first person to make it to the other side without dropping their pumpkins is the winner!

11. Donut Strings

Ready for another fun Halloween minute to win it party game? Let’s go! Grab a few pieces of twine and string them through some Halloween donuts.

Secure the pieces to two end points so that they at face-level with your contestants. Set a timer to one minute and see who can finish their donut first!

12. Balancing Broomsticks Halloween Games

This next minute to win it activity is one of our absolute favorite Halloween party games. It doesn’t take long to prepare.

Just hand each individual a craft stick and four or five pieces of small Halloween candies. Set the timer for one minute and ask each player to place one end of the craft stick inside their mouth.

They’ll have to balance the candy on the other side of the stick. The person who can keep the most candy from falling the stick is the winner!

13. Mummy Wrap Halloween Minute to Win it Game Idea

mummy wrap minute to win it game for kids

This fun Halloween minute to win it game takes zero prep! Just grab a few toilet paper rolls and divide the room up into teams. Each group will choose someone to be the “mummy.”

The other members must wrap this person with toilet paper as best they can in just one minute! The best-looking mummy takes all the points!

14. Trick or Treat?

One of the more popular and fun Halloween minute to win it game ideas, this activity requires at least 4 or 5 people, so make sure you have enough kids or adults willing to play. You’ll also need to do a little prep before you can begin.

Start by dumping out your bag of chocolate kisses. Set some aside and attach a Halloween sticker to the bottom. You’ll want to have about two stickers per person.

Then, you’ll need to come up with a list of five or six “tricks” for players to perform. Think of things like jumping on one foot for ten seconds, saying the alphabet backwards, or even doing the chicken dance!

The last thing you’ll need to do before you can begin the game is arrange 30-40 “regular” kisses on a baking sheet. To be clear, these kisses should *not* have stickers stuck to the bottom.

Now, it’s time to begin the game! Have your players take turns picking up their chocolate kisses and turning them over to see if there’s a sticker on the bottom.

If someone picks a kiss with no sticker, they’ll have to perform a of the tricks on trick from the list. If their kiss does have a sticker, then they get to eat their delicious Halloween treat!

15. Candy Corn Stick-Up Game

For this minute to win it Halloween party game, distribute a handful of candy and a paper plate to each guest. Set the timer to one minute and ask your Halloween party guests to bite off the tips of their candy corn and stick it to the plate.

Whoever gets the most pieces on their plates by the time the timer goes off is the winner!

16. Pumpkin Bowling

Still haven’t had enough of Halloween minute to win it games? Don’t worry, there are still more to come! This next super fun party game idea is sure to be a hit with the kids.

To begin, you’ll need to grab six rolls of toilet paper. Draw spooky ghost faces on each roll. Divide the room up into two teams. Have each team stack three rolls of toilet paper in a pyramid (two side by side and one on the top).

Then, give each group a pumpkin. Use it like a bowling ball and aim for a strike!

We hope you enjoyed our list of Halloween minute to win it games. You can always count on Great Wolf Lodge to help you prepare for the spooky season! You can also celebrate with us at the lodge. Embark on a weather-proof Halloween experience this year!

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