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Kids love games where you toss balls or bean bags, and with this activity allows the whole family to take aim at having fun!  It is always exciting to see who can score the most points, but with all participants having fun everyone’s a winner!

Get the kids moving around during their recess break. There’s even an opportunity to incorporate a little math practice into this activity! All it takes is finding a friend to play the game with.

How many points can you collect? Add up your score and see who performs best. Encourage the older kids to exercise their multiplication skills as they enter into the double digits.

Besides, spending time as a family is a great way to build confidence in kids, improve communication skills and encourage better performance in school. Lynn Lilly of the Craft Box Girls has created an easy step-by-step guide to help you follow along at home. Check out the instructions below to get started.


  • Yellow Felt
  • Red Felt
  • Hot Glue or Fabric Glue
  • Black Paint Pen
  • Decorative Tape
  • Scissors
  • Dry Beans
  • 3 Buckets

Time to Craft: 10 minutes

You can also check out the printable instructions.

Step 1: Carefully cut two squares of red felt. Glue three of the sides together.  Leave one side open. Turn inside out so that the corners are turned in.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 for yellow felt.

Step 3: Cut out a paw print from the red felt. Glue onto the yellow square.

Step 4: Cut out a paw print from the yellow felt. Glue onto the red square.

Step 5: Fill the squares with beans about halfway.

Step 6:  Once the squares are filled, glue the open side shut. Set aside.

Step 7: With the three buckets, write different number scores on each bucket with a black paint pen.

Step 8: Decorate the buckets with decorative tape.

Step 9: You are now ready to play a fun game of bean bag toss!

We hope you had a blast making your very own bean bag toss game! Visit us again soon for more ideas on how to have fun at home with the family during your eLearning recess break. If you’re curious about visiting Great Wolf Lodge, be sure to read our Paw Pledge. We’re committed to keeping your family safe while you play!


Created by / @craftboxgirls


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