How Much Does it Cost to Rent A Hotel Conference Room

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Hotel Conference Room?

You have an idea and want to share it with the world. That’s great! But where should you host your event? Renting a hotel conference room is a great option. These meeting spaces can accommodate presentations, photoshoots, meetings, conferences, and more. 

Of course, the costs of doing so may vary. Listed below are a few things that may affect the price, from food, entertainment, accessories, and more. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Hotel Conference Room in 2024?

how much does it cost to rent a hotel conference room

Let’s start by discussing location. A hotel conference room located in a destination city, like Las Vegas, will cost much more than a conference room situated in other areas of the country. 

You’ll also want to consider the higher costs of renting a room in luxury hotels vs. mid-range hotels.

That said, the average cost of renting a conference room ranges from $50-$150 per hour. If you are looking to host an event that will last longer than a few hours, you might want to look for a conference room you can rent for the whole day or even multiple days.

Some mid-range hotels will offer their conference rooms for about $250-$300 a day, with the higher-end hotels charging more. Remember to inquire about tax and gratuity percentages so you’ll have a more accurate cost breakdown for your budget.

What Other Amenities and Services do Hotels Offer?

When you rent a conference room venue at a hotel, you’ll have access to more amenities. Today, almost all hotels accommodate you with WiFi as a standard option included in your hourly/daily fee.

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In addition to WiFi, you can often rent projectors, screens, a whiteboard, speakers, and other A/V equipment, also chairs, tables, and linens for an added fee. You’ll be able to customize based on how much you want to spend.

Hotel staff can help you arrange the conference rooms to accommodate the number of guests you’ll be expecting. You can even use multiple conferences within the hotel to add some variety to the event. 

You’ll also have access to breakfast or lunch buffets, coffee and pastry bars, and even catered meals! Remember that cheap plastic water bottles are often frowned upon, so providing reusable water bottles and filling stations is worth considering. Hotels are also available to help set things up, serve your guests, and clean up after the event. 

Out-of-town guests can even reserve a room at the hotel to avoid unnecessary travel. Those who are driving in will enjoy the ample parking space hotels typically offer.

Alternatives to Hotel Conference Rooms

business meeting Catering options when renting conference rooms

If you’re looking for a smaller space or something a little more unique, you can look for conference rooms near you. These local spots are generally cheaper to rent, though they may not offer all of the amenities and services of hotel space.

Ensure you know how many people will be attending and what you’ll require to host a comfortable presentation. You should always ask about WiFi, furniture, and whether you can bring in food and drinks or provide catering.

You could even rent food trucks and have them available for your guests at your venue!
Here’s a list of popular alternative venues:

  • The Public Library – Most libraries have small meeting spaces that are free to the public upon reservation.
  • Restaurant Meeting Room – You’ll be able to order food and lead a small function; make sure to ask about minimum charges and gratuity.
  • The Chamber of Commerce – They’ll have a list of places in the area to rent or might even have rooms in their building.
  • Your Bank or Credit Union – Many banks have meeting space available for their customers.
  • City Hall- Inquire about meeting rooms open to the public.
  • Museums- This is a unique venue that will allow you to host a memorable event; ask about furniture rentals or companies with whom they frequently work.

How to Make Your Meeting Space Look and Feel Professional

Take a look at your budget and keep in mind the costs of decorating your event spaces. Remember, when you’re hosting an office event or conference, it’s essential to appear professional.

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Creating a color theme will help your guests locate the function and develop associations with the company you are there to represent. 

Ensure your attendees have welcome packages with notepads, writing implements, pamphlets advertising the conference or your company, and leave with plenty of swag to leave a lasting impression about your company or brand. These can be tote bags, water bottles, stickers, pens, shirts, etc. Make sure to incorporate the costs of these items into your budget. 

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

 Pre Function room/mixer Space

Social media is a great way to promote your event. Make sure to include sharing buttons on your website and links to your guest speakers’ social accounts. You may also want to create a hashtag for the event and include it in your messaging.

Don’t forget to be active on social media leading up to the conference. You can even designate one of your team members to post reminders about guest speakers and scheduled events!

Try to incorporate banners or company signs to center the attention around your brand. Set up a photo booth space where attendees can take pictures in front of your logo and post them to social media.

Why In-Person Conferences are on the Rise

Due to the pandemic, many companies have had to rely on virtual meetings; however, this has left business professionals feeling isolated and disconnected.

Regardless of what business we are in, we are all in the business of people. We need to set aside time to be genuinely present and better understand our customers and coworkers. Besides, networking is one of the main reasons people attend conferences.

Encourage guests to mingle with one another by creating designated food and drink stations. The more relaxed they are, the easier it will be to build lasting connections for long-term business success!

When you host a conference in person, set time aside for a mixer. These sorts of bonus get-togethers will help your conference attendees feel special.

Go the extra mile and look into team-building exercises or adventures. If your budget allows, bring in motivational speakers or take the group rock climbing!

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to help people feel connected. Look into team-building games where attendees have to solve problems together and work as a cohesive unit. You can inquire with the hotel about using a location on their property.

When people feel they are part of a team, they are more creative and dedicated to work.

Go for it! Let’s Rent a Space for that Meeting

easily accessible Meeting Room

With many companies hosting online conferences, an in-person event is a great way to stand out. After over a year of pandemic restrictions, people are craving face-to-face interactions more than ever. 

A hotel conference is a great way to introduce your company and encourage promotional conversation after the meeting. Staff will also be available to help you create your desired aesthetic. Between that assistance and the amenities provided, you can rest easy knowing you have everything you need for a successful event. 

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